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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Multi-Awarded Filmmaker and Writer, Maurice Dwayne Smith Vows Ongoing Support for We Care for Humanity

We Care for Humanity expresses its appreciation to Maurice Dwayne Smith, Man of the Year 2023,  for his continuous backing of the organization. Maurice serves as WCH Publicity Ambassador and a regular contributor to the cause.

“We are truly grateful to have Maurice by our side for an extended period. His exceptional talent and charisma greatly enhance our mission and objectives. We are equally delighted by his numerous achievements and accolades, which bring pride to WCH,” stated Queen Maria Amor, the founder of We Care for Humanity.

About Maurice Dwayne Smith:

Maurice Dwayne Smith, was born in Paris, France, the youngest of two Army brats, to Master Sergeant Ruben and Nancy Smith, while his dad was on tour and his mom worked as a teacher in an Army school. His sister Shevawn and him flourished within the French majestic lifestyle, learning to play piano like little virtuosos and his parents enjoyed the night life, which the Eiffel Tower luxuriously witnessed before them. The Army base named S.H.A.P.E , which housed thousands of Army families, was adorned with flags, had a football field and contained working quarters and apartments for its denizens--The Smiths lived idyllically, and resiliently off base, amidst Italians, British,French and many other nationalities.

Hailing from his parents Southern sharecropper, and store owner lineages', his family enjoyed a fairly racist vacant existence, as the racism gutting the South was a thorn, which hadn't the elasticity to stretch across the ocean to annihilate or terrorize them ------Maurice was ignorant to that evil!

Meanwhile a war was raging in Vietnam. Inside France its President Charles DeGaul fell out of love with America and sent its ambassadors and military back home. Settling in Charleston, South Carolina, which Maurice grew to vehemently dislike, his mom's hometown, he and Shevawn began their American upbringing. Notwithstanding his Dad's deployment to Vietnam, the advent of racism sticking its ugly head into their lives, and being separated from Dad, the family acquired new friends--but Maurice pined for his British friends the Huggins, especially Briggit----and life progressed sluggishly, riding upon the back of a Catholicism vibe from elementary through high school.

Like most little boys Maurice dreamed of playing sports, as his piano playing days died upon arrival in america, he dabbled in all facets of athleticism but the only thing that securely fastened upon him and which he was destined to pursue professionally was journalism, and he majored in it when he entered college at The University of South Carolina.

Four years of school went by, filled with hard work but unfortunately harder partying, he dropped out--NOT FLUNKED OUT--and joined the Army, which he figured would allow him to pursue his dad's footsteps.

After joining the military, he unfortunately became injured, left honorably and settled into The Big Apple and was determined to make it, die and eat the maggot in that crazy Big Apple if necessary, as he was simply not going to be enslaved to the Charlestonian "web of terror anymore"----there always seemed to be employment for everyone else there but him.

Interestingly enough, he got married, moved back to Charleston, and fathered two little girls and divorced all in the span of years upon resurfacing back in the South!

Strangely enough, he encountered problems even bigger than unemployment so he was urgently, and miraculously forced to hitchhike out of the South, landing in Los Angeles CA, where his old vibe of "eating that maggot" resurfaced. He finally felt that he had found himself a home!

Upon landing in tinseltown, he forged a relationship with the love of his life--not his ex wife--who was a liaison to many life changing jobs, such as AT&T, which payed for the completion of his Bachelors of Science Bus Admin in Management degree at The University of Redlands Redlands, CA. His infatuation with the entertainment field led him into acting where he eventually earned his Sag-Aftra card and got an online tv show in Hollywood, CA.

In conclusion, one eventful night Maurice met Maria Amor, a former Miss Philippines, who eventually became a Princess, and Queen and CEO of the nonprofit We Care for Humanity. They became friends and eventually forged a working relationship where Maurice became her media guy and now Ambassador, and Publicity Director for WCH.

Maurice receiving Man of the Year Award at the WCH Royal Summit, California in 2023.

Saturday, March 16, 2024

WCH and Sultanate of Magindanaw Extended Humanitarian Aid to Markadz Al-arfadz Orphanage Center in the Spirit of Ramadan

COTABATO - Following the successful "Kanduli" (thanksgiving) event, which featured the Sultan of Magindanaw's “stepping on white dust ritual”, the We Care for Humanity (WCH) team and the Maguindanao Royal Family offered humanitarian assistance to the Markadz Al-arfadz Orphanage Center on March 11, 2024, in the spirit of Ramadan.

Since 2022, the U.S.-based non-profit organization WCH has been involved in charitable initiatives in Mindanao in partnership with the Sultanate of Magindanaw. 

Leading the delegation was HRH Queen Mariam Leonor Torres Mastura, the WCH founder, who presented the organization's mission and dedication to aiding the orphanage.

His Majesty Zulkarnain Mastura VI, the 26th Supreme Sultan of Magindanaw, along with other cultural leaders:  Datu Habib Mastura- Secretary General of SKDOP, H. Datu Suod Ibrahim- Daram sa Magindanaw, Datu Jimmy Asim- Datu Mompong sa Kutawato sa Magindanaw, Datu Jordan Sinsuat- Datu Dikaya III, Datu Alee Uy- Marajalayla Salamen Magindanaw, Datu Zainudin Anan Kabulan- Datu Lawan na Datu Dikaya, HRH Febs Mastura Matalam, Royal Princess sa Magindanaw, HRH Jasma Mastura Karon- Rajah Bai sa Magindanaw, HRH Harjida Mastura Karon- Bailaga sa Magindanaw, Fatima Abdulrakman- Bailawan sa Dikaya, and foreign guest, Dr. Abdalla Sharief- Datu Marajalaila sa UN, who is also the president of United Nations Correspondents Association of Vienna (UNCAV), shared uplifting messages during the visit.

Ustadz Al-faradh Markadz expressed gratitude for the support and congratulated the newly enthroned Sultan on his prosperous reign.

The collaboration between the We Care for Humanity and the Sultanate of Magindanaw has significantly benefited the Markadz Al-arfadz Orphanage Center. During this 2nd visit, essential supplies such as rice and groceries were provided to support the orphanage's needs during Ramadan.

Their generous humanitarian gestures have truly embodied the spirit of Ramadan, bringing hope and joy to the underprivileged children.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

WCH and the Sultanate of Maguindanao Have Teamed Up to Provide Food Aid to Hundreds of Families in Sultan Kudarat.

Lebak, Sultan Kudarat- Amidst the vibrant landscapes of Lebak, in the province of Sultan Kudarat, another wondrous event unfolded with the help of We Care for Humanity and the Sultanate of Maguindanao. The GLOBAL SANTA MINDANAO FOOD DISTRIBUTION, 2023, an annual humanitarian endeavor, enfolded more than a hundred families in its warm embrace. The auspicious event was graced by the presence of His Majesty Sultan Salem Mastura Kudarat V, the 25th Supreme Sultan of Magindanaw, the Royal Ladies and Datus of the Sultanate. 

This initiative, held under the patronage of HRH Queen Mariam Leonor Torres Mastura, founder of WCH and the Head of the Royal House of Luzon Tagalog and the Royal Maharlika, reflects the unwavering commitment of the Sultanate to the well-being of its people in Mindanao, and of WCH to alleviate hunger.

The families that were present at the charity event were overjoyed to receive food and necessities that they otherwise might have gone without. It was heartwarming to see the smiles on the faces of the children as they received their gifts from the "Santa Claus" of humanity. 

"The event was not just about giving food, but also about spreading love and kindness in the community."- said the late Sultan of Maguindanao.

Friday, November 10, 2023

We Care for Humanity Called for an Emergency Peace Summit to Save Lives in Gaza, 21 Countries Participated


DOHA, QATAR - Slightly a month after the start of the Gaza conflict and on the morning after the civilian death toll breaching the 10,000 mark, international dignitaries of We Care for Humanity (WCH) gathered for an emergency peace summit yesterday, 09 November 2023 and joined the United Nations in calling for an urgent Humanitarian Pause in the besieged Palestinian territory. 

We Care for Humanity is the prestigious international humanitarian organization registered with the United Nations and headquartered in Westmont, Illinois in the U.S. that has actively been hosting successful events on humanism with the United Nations both in New York and Geneva, Switzerland for the past decade.

Symbolically hosted online from Qatar, the lead country in spearheading peace efforts in the Middle East, humanitarian leaders from 21 countries led by WCH founder & president HRH Maria Leonora Amor Torres Mastura have jointly voiced out their global call to stop the ongoing onslaught on innocent civilians in Gaza particularly the elderly, women and most importantly children under basic humanitarian principles of every human being’s right to live.  

In addition to the WCH country directors, peace advocates and ambassadors from the USA, UK, Qatar  Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Lebanon, Romania, Poland, UAE, Austria, Palestine, Vietnam, the Philippines, Pakistan and Norway, last night’s historic meeting was also attended by distinguished delegates from the United Nations Correspondents Association in Vienna (UNCAV), Sustainable Development Alliance of Ghana, the HBM Foundation of Switzerland, the Sultanate of Magindanaw of the Philippines, Tikkun Worldwide Charity of the United States, Royal Bodyguard Association of Malaysia,  to name a few and prominent humanitarians to include traditional royals, artists, bishops, doctors and scholars. 

In her opening address, WCH matriarch HRH Maria Leonora Amor Torres has underscored the kind of poison that war brings into the heart and soul of every human. "I know some of you like me don't understand the full context of this war, or maybe we refused to understand because War is poison in our hearts and soul just by hearing it, let alone being in it or surrounded by it. But, whether we understand this war or not, I know you will agree with me that thousands of people, especially children, innocent children women and children are being slaughtered beyond our comprehension because of greed, ego, hatred and revenge! But let me be clear, the purpose of this meeting is not about solving the war or finding solution to end the war. It is so complicated and very political it can cost our organization even our lives! Unfortunately, this is beyond our ability at the moment, when both parties are determined to wipe out each other, we know we cannot stop the bloodshed, but it should not be at the expense of innocent people! However, we cannot be bystanders any longer, we must break our silence and choose a side, not the the side of Israel or Hamas, but our side, the side of humanity. We must do something about this, otherwise, we should not be called We Care for Humanity at all! So, today, I summoned all of you to stand by WCH, to plead for Peace and a Humanitarian Pause and let a little humanitarianism prevail in this unforgivable war and save the remaining lives in Gaza."

From the Sultanate of Maguindanao, “Bismillahi Rahmaneer Rahim Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu. We express our deep sympathy and sorrow over the crises in Israel and Palestine. We grieve with the victims and their mourning families. And we pray and ask for an immediate cessation of hostilities from both parties. The SULTANATE OF MAGINDANAW MANDANAUE DARUSSALAM, PHILIPPINES is calling the attention of the UNITED NATION INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS to perform their duties and responsibilities. Indiscriminate bombings and killings of all ages especially those innocent children and women causing tremendous horrific psychological impact and thousands of deaths. We will pass a resolution addressed to the United Nation Secretary-General Antonio Gutterrez to ask/declare Humanitarian Ceasefire/Pause and pressure both ISRAEL and PALESTINE to submit/conform. We are gathered today, to coordinate and participate together with the WE CARE FOR HUMANITY to ensure the preservation of life of everyone especially the children involve is such present situation, whether Israeli or Palestinian, including foreign people based in Gaza strip. Let Us Call For Peace! Let Us Call for Humanitarian Pause! Wassalam”, stated the Secretary General, HRH Princess Ispandaria Mastura Sangki.

After hearing the sentiments and echoing calls for the restoration of humanity in Gaza by all participants from around the world, the delegates have unanimously committed to reciprocate the calls to action for a humanitarian pause for Gaza in their respective countries with the hashtags: #CallforPeace, #HumanitarianPause and #StoptheKilling.

In concluding the event, WCH Interim Country Director for Qatar Joseph Timothy Rivera orated the summit’s universally agreed  declaration now already submitted to the United Nations Secretary General:
“We, the Peace Ambassadors & International Humanitarian Volunteers of We Care for Humanity led by our President  HRH Maria Leonora Amor Torres, stand hand-in-hand with the United Nations in calling for the following actions to be implemented in Gaza: 
1. Immediate humanitarian Pause to allow much more efficient delivery of needed aid to the suffering civilians and to provide fuel to basic health & medical facilities;
2. For all sides to stop the infliction of harm to the civilian citizens of Gaza particularly the elderly, women and most especially Children ;
This global appeal in saving humanism in Gaza is part of our fundamental mission to be a catalyst for change, transforming people to becoming humanitarians, and for the fulfilment of our aim as sustainable partner of the United Nations in promoting the 17 UNSDG towards the 2030 UN Agenda.”

A poem dedicated to this cause was written by WCH Official Poet, Maureen Brindle

"These lands are soaked in blood
The ancient lands that tears flood
Is there a line in the sand,
Invisible where Peace will stand?
The lands once swept with stars,
Now rubble and battle scars.
Helping children is our role,
Peace and humanitarian aid our goal"

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

WCH and Royal Maharlika Launches the WCH Royal Summit, Philippines in Collaboration with the Sultanate of Maguindanao

The three big institutions namely We Care for Humanity, the Royal Maharlika and the Sultanate of Magindanaw (Maguindanao) Mandanaue Darussalam are gearing up for the upcoming WCH Royal Summit, Philippines which will be held on October 7 and 8, 2023 at the Greenleaf Hotel in General Santos, Philippines.

According to the Supreme Sultan of Maguindanao, His Majesty Abdulaziz Salem Mastura Kudarat V, “This is the first time that this caliber of event will happen in Mindanao which will benefit the Sultanate and the people in Mindanao especially in promoting peace among nations and indigenous people. We are in support of the mission of our Queen of Maharlika and Princess of CALABARZON, our very own HRH Mariam Leonora Torres Mastura, the founder and chairman of the summit”.

The WCH Royal Summit dubbed as the biggest gathering of dignitaries and traditional leaders is a conglomeration of flagship events by We Care For Humanity and the Royal Maharlika since 2013. The summits are held in different nations and encompasses the advocacies of both organizations to create a larger impact to humanity.

“We are very proud of what has become of all our events combined. We created a greater synergy among our supporters, followers, and beneficiaries by interrelating our programs and celebrating them in different countries.”, the Princess said. She added, “The success of our summit in Dubai last 18th of June just proved that the WCH Royal Summit has become an institution for excellence and manifestation of global partnerships and humanitarian interventions”.

The WCH Royal Summit, Philippines is expected to welcome world leaders, Kings and Queens from Africa, Asia and even Europe and many notable guests from more than 30 countries. The summit will feature the following events:

Friday, April 28, 2023

WCH Founder Visits Ivory Coast to Promote Education for Humanity (E4H)

WCH Founder Queen Amor Leonor Torres recently journeyed to Côte d'Ivoire as part of the Education for Humanity (E4H) Program African Tour, accompanied by Jain University's Foreign Admission Manager, Mr. Santosh Chowdhury.

As the head of the delegation, Torres, also known as the Traveling Queen, held productive discussions with key stakeholders in higher education, academia, and Traditional Chiefs under the guidance of WCH partner, the Human Development Association (HUDAS) headed by Mrs. Alina OUATTARA, located in Côte d'Ivoire.

The Education for Humanity (E4H) initiative seeks to provide scholarships to disadvantaged Ivorian students, enabling them to pursue higher education or vocational training.

During her visit, the Queen took time to visit an organization supporting vulnerable groups such as street children, orphans, juvenile inmates, and widows. Here, she brought joy to the children by providing both sustenance and essential supplies.

"We are dedicated to coming back to Ivory Coast soon to continue our humanitarian work," were her final words before departing from Ivory Coast.

Friday, April 21, 2023

Queen Maria Inaugurates First Water for Humanity Project in Kenya

Kitui/Kenya - We Care for Humanity (WCH) initiated the Water for Humanity project in Kenya, led by Queen Mariam Leonor Torres Mastura, alongside Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka (10th Vice President of Kenya), Hon. Gideon Mulyungi, and Hon. Irene Kasalu, as well as the local residents of Tita, Katuluni, and Waita ward, Mwingi Central.

During the project launch, former Vice President Musyoka highlighted the importance of providing clean water access to communities in need. The collaboration between WCH and local leaders demonstrated a shared commitment to enhancing the lives of residents in the region.

Queen Maria's dedication to the cause was reflected in her address, where she highlighted the tangible benefits of the project, “although it is a modest project, it will benefit 3000 residents, 800 donkeys, 600 cows, and over 3,000 goats in this area. We plan to initiate more Water for Humanity Projects to support women and girls who travel long distances in search of water during dry seasons.”

Looking ahead, the WCH founder envisioned implementing additional Water for Humanity Projects to alleviate the struggles of women and girls who must travel long distances to find water, particularly in dry periods.

The collaborative and compassionate spirit showcased at the inauguration event sets a positive tone for future efforts aimed at improving water accessibility and enhancing the quality of life for communities in Kenya and beyond.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

The Only Legitimate Supreme Sultan Of Mindanao Honored As Royal Man Of Asia

The Only Legitimate Supreme Sultan of Mindanao Honored as Royal Man of Asia
HRH Queen Mariam Leonora Torres, HM Sultan Salem Mastura Kudarat V, HRH Princess Jasma Mastura Karon, HRH Princess Harjida Karon (left to right)
The Royal Maharlika extended its philanthropic awards to His Majesty Sultan Salem Mastura Kudarat V as ROYAL MAN OF ASIA, confirmed by the 3rd President of Croatia, H.E. Ivo Josipovich, the former President of Ecuador, H.E. Rosalia Arteaga and HRH Queen Maria Leonora Amor Torres.

The Royal Maharlika, a non-profit organization based in USA with branches in the Philippines and Europe recently held an extension of its 2nd Royal Maharlika Awards last January 14, 2023 at Apo View Hotel in Davao city during the enthronement of HRH Mariam Leonora Torres, the Queen of Maharlika International and Princess of Calabarzon.

“Our aim is to unite all the Kingdoms and Tribes of the world towards peace and developments, to advocate the rights of the indigenous groups and the cultural minorities and be the voice of freedom and sustainable green environment to the United Nations. Thus, we honor those who individuals or groups who possess greatness and excellence in the fields of philanthropy, science, arts, business and diplomacy through the Royal Maharlika Awards,” says the founder and chairman of the Royal Maharlika and We Care for Humanity.

One of the major award titles of the said award- the ROYAL MAN OF ASIA, was bestowed to the reigning 25th Sultan of Magindanao Mandanue Darussalam also hailed as the Supreme Sultan of Mindanao, His Majesty Sultan Salem Abdulaziz Guiwan Mastura Kudarat V, the 5th descendant of Sultan Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat who ruled Magindanaw from 1619 to 1671 and was declared by the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos as a national hero and the most powerful ruler of Mindanao during his time.

Sultan Salem, being a direct descendant of the Kudarat clan inherited the biggest role of his life as the head of the Sultanate of Magindanaw (Mindanao) Mandanaue Darussalam with independent sovereignty covering almost the whole Mindanao state and some parts of Luzon and Visayas regions. He is the son of the late Sultan Abdulaziz Guiwan Mastura Kudarat IV, a powerful leader in Mindanao, former Governor and twice Mayor of Lebak and Palimbang.

Salem is a highly respected Sultan, loved by so many for his dedication and advocacy in peace, preservation of culture and economic development. He graduated with degrees in Bachelor of Arts in Far Eastern University and Bachelor of Law in Notre Dame University, Mindanao and actively promoting the mission and vision of the Sultanate as well as the Sultan Kudarat Descendants Organization of the Philippines (SKDOP), Inc., a non-profit organization established to execute the humanitarian goals of the Sultanate. “Our aim is to restore peace and order, eradicate poverty and promote the culture of Mindanao”, proudly said by Sultan Salem in his acceptance speech.

The Royal Maharlika also extended its philanthropic awards, to SKDOP as ROYAL ORGANIZATION OF ASIA received by HRH Datu Zukarnaine Mastura (brother of Sultan Salem), to the Royal Ladies as ROYAL WOMEN EMPOWERMENT ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR received by HRH Princess Febraida Mastura Matalam, the Royal Princess of Magindanaw,  HRH Princess Harjida Mastura Karon (Bailaga sa Magindanaw) and HRH Princess Jasma mastura Karon (Rajabai sa Magindanaw), and lastly the  Sultan Kudarat Youth Descendants Organization (SKYDOP), Inc. as ROYAL YOUTH ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR received by Camarod Mastura (son of Sultan Salem). The awards were confirmed and signed by the 3rd President of Croatia, H.E. Ivo Josipovich and the former President of Ecuador, H.E. Rosalia Arteaga

Sultan Salem Mastura Kudarat V, is expected to propagate the realm of the Sultanate not only locally but internationally with the help of his brother, HRH Datu Muamar Mastura Kudarat, the Crown Prince of the Sultanate of Magindanaw and Tarsila Bearer of Magindanaw, His Majesty’s Cabinet members, the Royal Ladies of Magindanaw and the Queen of Maharlika International and Princess of Calabarzon, Maria Leonora Amor Torres. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Founder Of WCH Visits The Children’s Cancer Hospital In Egypt


We Care for Humanity donated cash and toys to the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Cairo, Egypt and promises to come back to hold a fundraising Art Exhibit by Amortorres at the hospital itself.

Video Link:

Unstoppable and tireless, the founder of We Care for Humanity (WCH)Sultana Princess Maria Amor Torres made an appearance at the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 in Cairo, Egypt, where she distributed toys and made a small cash donation for the hospital’s causes.

Founder of WCH Visits the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt
"Princess Maria and a cancer
 patient posing the WCH heart logo."

Maria, also known as the Traveling Princess, is on her 4th visit to Egypt. In the past, her organization have implemented various humanitarian programs such as Global Santa feeding programs, distribution of PPE’s (face masks and face shields) during the height of Covid-19, and distribution of blankets to homeless people during winter, usually headed by WCH Publicity Ambassador for Egypt, Mr. Wagdy Youssef.


Photo Credit: Wagdy Yousef

The hospital’s Public Relations officer, Mr. Ahmed Abd al Manaem Mohamed Morsy gave the Sultana a tour of the whole hospital and showcased the Art department where artists and patients can practice painting and even hold exhibits for fundraising purposes, thus, giving the Princess an idea to hold an Art exhibit in the future for the benefit of the cancer hospital for children. “I promise to come back to this hospital and when I do, I will raise funds to help aid our vulnerable sick children. They need all the hopes and support we can give them, and I want to make sure We Care for Humanity contributes to this,” teary-eyed statement of WCH Founder.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

We Care For Humanity Signed Cooperation Agreement With Gruppo Nicoletti To Help Save The Amazon Rainforest

 Amidst the pandemic, the founder of We Care for Humanity (WCH), Sultana Princess Maria Amor sets her journey to Brazil to sign a Cooperation Agreement with Gruppo Nicoletti for the Amazon Save the Earth Project (ASE).

ASE is a zero-emission project, in line with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) defined by the United Nations, with the aim and commitment to preserve the world’s forests, a concrete action to preserve local species, guarantee stability to local populations through environmental inventory processes, quantification, qualification and certification of assets by the United Nations.

Sultana Princess Maria Amor,
Dr. Franco Nicoletti, Cav. Vito Franscella

Video Link:

ASE is founded by the Gruppo Nicoletti, a global financial and legal consulting company, basing its main activities in Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain, Malta, United Arab Emirates and South Africa. The Holding that leads the Group is based in Spain.

“The Amazons Save the Earth Project arises from the need to create concrete actions for the Planet, actively preserving world’s forests and providing consistent economic benefits to large Corporates and Governments following the issuance of Green Bonds certified by the Executive Partners of Gruppo Nicoletti, accredited by United Nations”, explains Dr. Franco Nicoletti, CEO of ASE.

The signed cooperation agreement appoints Sultana Amor as the Global Ambassador of the project and WCH as the flagship charity organization of ASE. In addition, the contract binds WCH and Gruppo Nicoletti to promote and create global awareness for ASE. “It is our great honor to have Princess Maria Amor as our Global Ambassador, her influence around the world can help realize the success of this project”, says Dr. Wellington Queiroz, head of the Queiroz Advogados Associados and one of the directors of ASE. 

WCH made a stand, “Climate change affects everyone and everything in this world. One must be vigilant in fighting to protect our planet as if we are fighting for our lives. It is our human rights to live in a livable planet. That’s why We Care for Humanity is holding hands with Gruppo Nicoletti to save the Amazon which is a critical solution in saving the earth. The Amazon Save the Earth project puts new directions in Climate Action to fight deforestation and preserve biodiversity. I take great pride being the Global Ambassador of this project and to see to it that we achieve our ultimate goal to save the earth. “, spoken by the Sultana of Sultanate of Maguindanao.

Both Maria Amor and Dr. Franco Nicoletti serves in the OSJ Knight of Malta including Cavalier Victor Franscella, facilitator at ASE and Director at Gruppo Nicoletti. “We are extremely happy with this collaboration with We Care for Humanity whose global goals are in line with Gruppo Nicoletti and the OSJ Knights of Malta. These three giant organizations are very committed to make a huge impact in saving the environment.”, proudly said by Cav. Franscella.

*We Care for Humanity is an internationally recognized Non-Profit organization dealing mainly with current global issues and focusing on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, whose mission is to promote universal humanitarianism.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

WCH Fight Against Covid-19 Global Feeding & Relief Distribution In The Philippines Lasted For 21 Days

 We Care for Humanity (WCH) championing UNSDG Zero Hunger during this pandemic period has served more than 5000 vulnerable people in different communities in the Philippines; in Luzon and Mindanao Regions that lasted for 21 days.

The first seven (7) days of feeding was held in Metro Manila covering the vulnerable communities of Rizal Province and Makati City. Program Directors composed of WCH Founder’s siblings, Cristina T. Ayungao, Rizaline T. Pascual and Ferdinand C. Torres worked diligently to distribute packed lunches in 7 marginalized areas, feeding a total of 2,500 people. WCH team also distributed powdered milk for infants and rice to families who have no access to food ration from the local government.

The 2nd leg of feeding, also lasted for seven days was dedicated to the Indigenous group in Misamis Oriental, the Higaonan Tribe. WCH appointed the head of the tribe, Datu Rogelio Basisihan as the Program Director and successfully served 1500 tribal members.

Finally, the last leg of feeding, another 7 seven days was also given to the Higaonan Tribe serving various barangays in Misamis Oriental, totaling of more than 1000 beneficiaries. This last leg was sponsored by Filipino Humanitarians: Col. Greg Gatdula & Ninpha Gayon Gatdula, MPA, C/E Ruben Gavadan, Vmc & Helen Gatillo Gavadan, Capt Ariel Jayme Penafiel, Emsi & Emily Asanion Penafiel, TPC/ LLIC, Retired CPO U.S. Navy Tito & Elsie Dizon Paloma, Councilor Ven Gatdula, Jess Vincent Lumanog Gayon, Dr Leticia Alava Rogacion & Mr. Liberato Olivar Rogacion, Paul & Maria Rizalinda Cantos, Entrepreneur and Anonymous.

The Filipino group also donated crutches and educational tablet to a tribal girl with disability.


The WCH Program “Fight Against Covid-19" which includes Global Feeding and PPE Donation served 14 countries covering Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Tunisia, Yemen and Zambia.

“COVID-19 Global Pandemic has brought the world into its knees killing millions of people around world and has put more families below poverty line. With unemployment and global hunger surging many nations, our organization has kept its mission intact, that is to advocate and innovate sustainable social developments and promote universal humanitarianism which includes feeding the hungry during this dark hour of our lives”, said the Founder and President of WCH, Sultana Princess Maria Amor Torres, DBA, DD, DK.

We Care for Humanity is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3), based in California and was founded by Sultana Princess Maria Amor in 2011. WCH is an internationally recognized organization dealing mainly with current global issues focusing on the eight (8) United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) such as: #1 No Poverty, #2 Zero Hunger #3 Good Health and Well Being, #4 Quality Education, #5 Gender Equality, #10 Reduced Inequality (Human Rights), #13 Climate Action, #16 Peace and Justice Strong Institutions.

Friday, April 3, 2020

WCH Partners With Egyrobo To Combat Covid-19

 Video Link:

We Care for Humanity (WCH) Founder and President, Sultana Princess Maria Amor Torres announced its partnership with EGYROBO, a pioneer in robotics and automation technology and the only robotic system integrator in Egypt, to help humanity in fighting the biggest challenge the world is currently facing – the Coronavirus.

The noble collaboration between the two entities has commenced last March 29, 2020 by signing a partnership agreement binding them together to bring supply of cutting-edge technology and robotics of disinfection system and reliable detection tools, all to prevent widespread infection of the virus.

WCH is very committed to our mission to promote universal humanitarianism and what better way to contribute to humanity in these times of crisis but to seek for solutions to fight the pandemic, not just a temporary resolve but a sustainable one”, said the Sultana Bae a Gaus of Maguindanao, also known as the Traveling Princess. She added, “Humanity is on the brink of chaos! This is not the time for hesitations to take extreme measures to fight this killer virus. We must do what it takes to make the world safe again. What we offer is something better than cure. For what the world really needs right now to control this contagion (aside from love, compassion and staying home) are effective prevention/disinfection system and reliable detection tools. And I don’t mean wearing face masks and getting locked down!

David S. Beshara, Founder and CEO of Egyrobo, who went to robotic college in Germany and spent most of his life pioneering in Robotics in Egypt says “Our responsibility is creating several different types of robots to serve humanity. Egyrobo is compelled to help during these most challenging times of our lives by innovating robotics which can save people from the infectious diseases and viruses. We appreciate the opportunity of working with Princess Maria Amor Torres and WCH, together we will bring solutions to this pandemic.” His life slogan: “Believe, Innovate, create

Part of team are WCH Egyptian Directors, Eng. Mostafa Saleh Amin and Mr. Hany Al Araby who initiated this engagement and working diligently to bring these innovations globally. The duo are also in charged of the technical aspect and logistics of the whole endeavor.

The EGYROBO Explained:

The UV Disinfection Robot can save many lives, may it be in the hospitals or airports, schools, malls, businesses and factories or even at home. With its autonomous mobile solutions and concentrated UV-light, it deploys fast and efficient disinfection process and literally shreds the DNA or RNA of any microorganisms exposed to the the UV-light.

The Amy Autonomous Sterilize and EGYROBO-Sterilizing Robots carry the new type of dry fog space sterilization system. With its strong disinfection and sterilization capacity, it kills bacteria 99.99% and reduces significantly the risk of infection instantly.

With EGYROBO – Telepresence Robot, the heroes of this epidemic times – the doctors and hospital staff are protected! With its intelligent system, the Telepresence Robot makes diagnosing and communications efficient without the risk of spreading infection.

Our Fever & Thermal Scanning System and Face Recognition Machine make the invisible enemy visible! Detection of virus has never been so accurate and as fast as lightning before!

WCH encourages governments and private sectors to not take any chances on this COVID-19 again! “We are ready to cooperate and share our technology and innovations, all you have to do is reach-out to us.” – Final message from the founder.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Himalayan Peace Caravan In Mexico A Huge Success


Video Link:

The We Care for Humanity (WCH) and the Himalayan Peace Foundation held a very successful Himalayan Peace Caravan (HPC) last February 13 to 16, 2020 at the Hacienda San Cristobal, San Francisco del Rincón Guanajuato, Mexico, in collaboration with Centro Fox and convened by its founder and president, the 10th president of Mexico, H.E. Vicente Fox and Former First Lady, Mrs. Martha Fox.

The Caravan aims to promulgate Himalayan arts and culture to the world while promoting peace to mankind. Hence, a two solid day program of various activities were held at the hacienda attended by local and international audience and those enthusiasts of Buddhism and Spirituality. 

The said program highlighted series of pujas, mandala making, meditation and tantric dance by the HPC monks and performing artists from Nepal and Bhutan delegation headed by Lama Karma.

In addition to the Venerable monks, HPC was also represented by notable businesspeople from Cambodia namely Chhoem Sokha and Tim Savuth and G.O.D. Honoree from USA, Mrs. Usha Shah, who in behalf of her husband Dr. Jay Shah, another G.O.D. Honoree, gave a matriarchal impact to the event. This trip was a celebration of the Shah’s 57th Wedding Anniversary and their humanitarian work being the Med Care director of Med Clinic (Global Tele Care) for seniors and Veterans.

The whole delegation enjoyed an intimate dinner with President Fox and wife, the tour of Guanajuato, and all the wonderful services of Hacienda San Cristobal has to offer.

One evening, an elegant dinner was hosted by the Taittinger Champagne owner and President Fox at the Hacienda San Cristobal with the presence of Secretary of Trade & Industry and Secretary of Tourism of Mexico. HM Sultana Princess Maria Amor was invited as an honored guest along with Mrs. Usha Shah.

HPC is founded by the Sultana and Himalayan Peace Foundation (HPF) Chairman, Venerable Khen Rinpoche Phurba Dorjee who was not able to attend because of health issues.