Monday, February 5, 2024

From the book We Care for Humanity II available via


5th G. O. D. Awards 2017


All the world resounds with change,

So many new alliances exchange.

Uncertainty, discontent, ragged drowned refugees,

From devastation, widespread war the innocent flees.


Nowhere on Earth seems to be immune.

Inequality dances to the Devil’s tune.

United our nations must stand for right.

We see the problems, we need to fight.


Hunger, poverty, pestilence and disease,

Education for change, the humanitarian sees,

Ideas to help and protect mankind,

Dreams for a better future we hope to find.


Our Awardees have so much good to share,

Their humanitarian ideals and lifelong care.

G. O. D. awardees work for mankind

Here the greatest of the great we find.


As diverse as our countries stand,

Humanitarian love they understand.

Members of a very select G. O. D. band.