Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Amortorres Paintings Valued At Usd10000 Sold At Art Auction In Brazil

Amortorres Paintings Valued at USD10000 Sold at Art Auction in Brazil
Amortorres sold four (4) of her abstract paintings at the festive event of the Himalaya Peace Caravan, Brazil organized by We Care for Humanity, Gruppo Nicoletti, Queiroz Advogados and Academia Internacional de Cultura (AIC) at Cota Mil Clube in Brasilia, last August 6, 2022.

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The Sultana of the Royal House of Maguindanao and founder of We Care for HumanityMaria Amor Torres Mastura, also known by her artist name as Amortorres raised funds for her charity by auctioning four of her Abstract collection. 

According to Mr. Luiz de Alcantara“informal art and figurative expressionism are married in the artistic work of Sultana Princess Maria Amor. Her paintings offer a visual experience composed of great aesthetic effects, thanks to the lines and shapes observed in her works produced with volumes and materials of liquefied appearances. The predominant colors are warm and connote with the mysteries of the earth. A generic message emerges from her works that exerts a direct influence on the human soul, touched in its most sensitive points. The artist Amortorres travels and explores in depth the Eastern and Western creative universes with the intention of promoting art and harmony between different cultures”.  Luiz de Alcântara holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels which develops activities in the areas of theory and practice of fine arts and industrial arts.

Dr. Wellington Queiroz of the Queiroz Advogados and Gruppo Nicolettii  acted as the dynamic auctioneer who had won the interests of the audience and made a breakthrough by selling all the four Amortorres paintings. The generous bidders who won the auction were Dr. Sargento Paulo, a revered politician and Dr Lúcia Cristina, a successful lawyer, both from Brasilia. 

Amortorres herself was ecstatic at the outcome and thanked everyone who contributed to the success of the event, especially the above-mentioned partners, Dr. Franco Nicoletti, founder of Gruppo Nicoletti, the former president of Ecuador- H.E. Rosalia Arteaga, the organizer- Aria Travel Intelligence headed by Iva Evangelista, emcee- Lucas Carvalho, Alexandre Augusto Honorio, Gabriela Magalhaes, Keveni Guedes Santos, Maxwell Santos and Matteo. 



Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Sultana Maria Amor Receives Citizen Of The World For Peace Award From Academia Internacional De Cultura Of Brazil

Sultana Maria Amor Receives Citizen of the World for Peace Award from Academia Internacional de Cultura of Brazil
Princess Maria Amor receives the Certificate of Citizen of the World for Peace Award from the Acedemia Institucion de Cultura (AIDC)

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The founder of We Care for HumanitySultana Princess Maria Amor Torres has received once again another prestigious award from one of the highly revered associations in Brazil, the Academia Internacional de Cultura (AIDC)

This particular award, Citizen of the World, was once bestowed to the first lady of Brazil, Her Excellency Michelle Bolsonaro. This year, the Sultana of the Royal House of Maguindanao had the honor of garnering the award for her impact on peace and humanitarianism.

“It is our privilege to deliver this tribute as Citizen of the World for Peace to the Princess of the Philippines, Sultana Maria Amor Torres for all the work she has been doing all over the world. We thank her for coming to Brazil to spread peace and philanthropy, and we wish her all the very best and successes for her humanitarian programs globally.”, states Ms. Shirley Pontes, the president of AIDC as she handed the award to the Princess. Along her side awarding the diploma are the officers and members of the association: Raquel Verano, Cida Carvalho, Clotilde Chaparro, Nívea Cruz, Aneris Alves, Marli Viana, Rosa Rego, Mathilde Torres and Tânia Gomes.

In gratitude, Maria states, “this is such a great honor and inspiration receiving this award, it means so much to me that AIDC recognizes my work towards peace among mankind. This will be a constant reminder to me to be better in delivering peace and philanthropy better than yesterday, that the world is watching me fulfill my commitment to make a difference everyday.” The Princess also thanked the presence of Her Excellency Rosalia  Arteaga, former President and Vice President of Ecuador who graced the awarding.

The tribute was held during the celebration of the Himalaya Peace Caravan at Cota Mil Clube last August 6, 2022, organized by We Care for Humanity, Gruppo Nicoletti, Queiroz Advogados, Knights of Malta do Brazil and the AIDC.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Food, Fashion And Beauty At The Philippines-vietnam Fair And Amortorres Art Exhibition Convened Successfully

Food, Fashion and Beauty at the Philippines-Vietnam Fair and Amortorres Art Exhibition Convened Successfully

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The grand event was organized by the Bliss Mimosa Beauty Corporation Limited, headed by Ms. Ly Thao Ky and Mr. David Vu, and attended by Sultana Maria Amor Torres, founder and president of We Care for Humanity, a US based non-profit organization, the Royals of Mindanao and representatives from the embassies of Vietnam, Spain and Philippines.

The spectacular event was filled with product exhibitions and exchanges, fashion shows by talented Filipino and Vietnamese designers, live performances and an Art Exhibition by Amortorres, the artist name of Maria Amor, the Sultana from the Royal House of Maguindanao in real life. 

Amortorres has featured abstract paintings of spewing volcanoes using acrylic and resin. She got her inspiration from Taal volcano of the Philippines and the Kawah Ijen volcano of Indonesia. Among the notable spectators who graced her exhibition were Ms. Rosemarie Basa, chairwoman of Worldcity Development Corporation and former president of CREBA; former Congressman Cris Gotladera; Princess Ishazy Amor Mastura and Princess Noor, both sister and cousin of Sultana Maria Amor from the Royal House of Maguindanao and Mrs. Ninpha Gatdula, a marketing expert. Also Sultana’s family, the Torreses, joined the occasion to support the matriarch of the family.

“I highly commend Ms. Ly Thao Ky for executing this wonderful program in our country which helps strengthen the bond between the Philippines and Vietnam not only politically, socially but economically as well. We are two different cultures with many similarities in food, beauty and in arts. By merging our goals and resources, we create significant impacts to both nations. It is my deepest wish for her mission to flourish, to empower more women in businesses and collectively contribute to humanity.”, a statement from the Sultana.

Ms. Ky represents We Care for Humanity as Country Director in Vietnam, and has been helping the Sultana distribute relief supplies to the poor communities in Vietnam especially during the height of the pandemic.