Friday, December 6, 2019

Successful WCH-Gafeias Vienna Meeting And WCH Austria Formation

"WCH and GAFEIAS Signing of MOU in Vienna"
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WE CARE FOR HUMANITY (WCH), GAFÉIAS and GENESIS 7 signed a cooperation agreement regarding common peace keeping and humanitarian project work in Vienna last 14th of November 2019, in a Viennese notary’s office. Exchange of documents, especially peace roadmaps, peace petitions and other projects lies ahead.

Among the meeting participants are Sultana Princess Dr. Maria Leonora Amor Torres Mastura, WCH, Founder & President; Mag. Phil. Andreas G. Andiel, GAFÉIAS President & CEO, GENESIS 7 President; Engr. Salim Arab, GAFÉIAS Director Middle East; Mrs. Sladana John, General Director GAFÉIAS Global Peace Initiative; and DI Abdalla Sharief, President of UNCAV, the United Nations Correspondents Association Vienna.

“GAFÉIAS and GENESIS 7 are operating in Austria, its neutrality is an advantage especially for international peace keeping projects. Moreover, Vienna provides relevant platforms regarding project progress, the UNITED NATIONS HQ respectively the VIC – Vienna International Center, including UNIDO and IAEA as well as other relevant international organizations, such as the UPF, Universal Pace Federation”, explained by Mag. Phil. Andreas G. Andiel

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Another major highlight of the Vienna meeting is the formation of WCH Austria branch in which Engr. Salim Arab was appointed as the Country Director and Mrs. Sladana John as the Deputy Country Director. “I can’t be more content having these two very competent and hardworking humanitarians to lead WCH in Austria. Both of them have special abilities to do greater things and make impact to the community”, said the Princess and Bae A Gaus of Minsupala.

Engr. Salim Arab holds a degree as a licensed Civil Engineer and has been working on a variety of projects in Europe as well as the Middle East. His vast experience and networks in the industry as well his ability to bring together powerful stakeholders and ideas makes him an excellent choice to lead WCH Austria. 

Mrs. Sladana John is specialized in IT-education and African studies. Her main focus lies on developing solutions involving peace initiation via art, education, empowering and awareness building. Her creativity and fast forward thinking befit her as WCH Austria Deputy Country Director. She introduced the ‘Paint the Pain for Peace – PPP’ an Art for Peace project to empower the victims of violence, wars and any violation of human rights which will be amplified through WCH and GAFEIAS.

Meantime, DI Abdalla Sharief, President of UNCAV, the United Nations Correspondents Association Vienna expressed support on the intended WCH Media Station an independent media platform which aims to initiate dialogues to foster peace and humanity all over the globe.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Formation Of WCH Turkey And WCH-WHAC Mou On Eco-palace For Humanity Project

Eco-Palace for Humanity – A Social-Economic Development Project Towards Making Turkey as the Leader for Healthy Ageing Globally

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Sultana Mariam Amor Torres Mastura, founder and president of We Care for Humanity (WCH), a non-profit organization based in United States arrived in Ankara to form the WCH Turkey Branch in collaboration with World Healthy Ageing Council – a Turkey based organization.

WCH is an internationally recognized organization dealing mainly with current global issues focusing on the seven (7) United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) such as: #1 No Poverty, #3 Good Health And Well Being, #4 Quality Education, #5 Gender Equality, #10 Reduced Inequality (Human Rights), #13 Climate Action, #16 Peace And Justice Strong Institutions. WCH has branches all over the world and recently opened a branch in Austria prior to coming to Ankara.

According to Sultana, WCH Turkey branch will be focusing on Healthy Ageing advocacy, hence the reason for tying-up with WHAC, which mission is to create a world network and alliance for Healthy Ageing. “WHAC is a platform that leads, connects and defines the healthy aging industry, supports organizations and professionals that develop wellness environments and services for adults over 50”, says Gerontologist Dr. Kemal Aydin, the president and one of the founders of WHAC.

Eco-Palace for Humanity is a vision of Sultana Mariam Amor and is now being conceptualized in the Philippines, Cambodia and Uganda. “The Eco-Palace will be the center for FREE education, health and wellness, livelihood programs, culture and arts, and advance technologies and innovations to solve global issues. In the case of Turkey, we want to design an Eco-Palace which is catered more on Healthy Ageing for all, with the support of the Turkish government, local NGO’s and academe,” says the Sultan. “WCH is supported by social investors from around the world and we are confident that the concept of Eco-Palace Turkey would be achievable which puts Turkey as the leader in World Healthy Ageing.

Monday, December 2, 2019

WCH Founder Appoints New Vice President For Business Affairs And Country Director For Egypt, Collaborations Formed For Sustainable Humanitarian Projects

(L to R) Eng. Mostafa Saleh Amin,
Sultana Princess Maria Amor and
Mr. Deepak Kuntawala

Unstoppable and determined, Sultana Princess Maria Amor Torres, founder of We Care for Humanity (WCH) and Chairman of the Global Order of Dignitaries and Philanthropists (G.O.D.) Awards hopped on her next destination, Egypt. In Cairo, the WCH is set to open a branch of this international organization where peace, climate change and women empowerment will be some of the sectors it will focus on.

Along with the formation of the branch, Sultana Torres also appointed the new Vice President for Business Affairs in the person of Engineer Mostafa Saleh Amin, a civil engineer, having dual nationality (Egyptian/American) with more than 34 years of experience, working with very reputable companies such as IBM (through United Electronics and Trading) and Bahgat Group. In Saudi Arabia, he was the CEO of a company named “Industry Innovations” which is a general contracting company located in Dammam.  His vast experience on banking, finance, real estate and marketing has earned him the approval of the board of directors of WCH. 

I believe on the ability and expertise of Eng. Mostafa Amin, with his help WCH is ready to take on huge and significant projects for social and economic developments and produce income streams to support our humanitarian projects”, the Sultana revealed. “I am confident as well that under his leadership, WCH Egypt will thrive as one of the most active and result-oriented NGOs in the middle-east,” her Majesty added.

The signing of Memorandum of Agreement and Oath-Taking took place at the Fairmont Hotel in Cairo last 26th of November. Along with Eng. Amin, other officers were also appointed: Mr. Hany Al Araby as WCH Deputy Country Director and Mr. Wagdy Yousef III as WCH Media Director and Photo-Journalist, witnessed by Mr. Deepak Kuntawala, founder of DVK Group from UK.

On additional good news, WCH Egypt has bridged collaborations with the Saad Group, a leading company in Egypt on Energy. The two entities have signed MOU on working together in some African countries particularly Uganda where the company has already initiated a promising green environment LBG project with the government.

Meanwhile, another purpose of the visit in the country was the conceptualization and brainstorming with the team of Eco-Palace for Humanity, a wholistic philanthropic project founded by WCH founder herself. “We have a good team of Engineers and designers in the country headed by our newly appointed VP for Business Affairs, Eng. Amin., my vision is coming to life: to create a civilization of humanitarians for humanity. We will soon announce what this project entails.

The Bae A Gaus (Queen of Power) of Minsupala wishes to thank the Amin and Eldweny families for their gracious hospitality nd savory home cooked meals by Dhalia Amin. As always, the Princess had a fabulous time in Egypt at the Pyramids, thanks to her host, Eng. Mostafa Amin and family.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

International Humanitarians Sent Help For The Earthquake Victims In Mindanao


Cotabato, Philippines – Founder and President of We Care for Humanity (WCH), Sultana Princess Mariam Amor Torres Mastura called for help among their international patrons for a series of relief operations in the Philippines after a 6.6 – magnitude earthquake struck the southern Philippines last October 29, 2019.

I am forever thankful to the WCH supporters globally for their generous donations which helped thousands of people in Mindanao especially those who lost their homes, livelihood, crops and the most painful of all, their love ones,” an emotional statement by the Sultana. 

The Relief operations were conducted in 4 major evacuation areas: Barangay Pikit, Buhay, Batasan (Sitio Flortam) all in Makilala area and in Marawi city. Thousands of relief packs consist of rice, water, groceries were distributed to the victims in a 7-day humanitarian operation.

The news about the humanitarian aid of WCH reached the domain of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and decided to join the operation by volunteering in the distribution of relief goods. “Heartfelt relief distribution to the victims of the earthquakes in Cotabato from HER MAJESTY SULTANA MARIAM LEONORA AMOR TORRES assisted by the Field Marshal and Sawdara Amphibious Special Forces, BNAF, MNLF, as well as by the office of The Secretary General for military mobilization, MNLF by the authority of HIS EXCELLENCY PROF. DR. NUR P. MISUARI, Founding leader and Chairman Central Committee of MNLF.” – message from MNLF.

In Marawi, the group of Sultan also assisted the operation: “Heartfelt “Operation Panabang” from Sultana Maria Amor and her group of sultans to the victims of hurricane in Marawi. A token of love, care and concern from all us in We Care for Humanity and the Ranao Council for Culture and Peace of the Union of the Royal Sultanate of Lanao.

The people of Mindanao send their undying gratitude to the following donors:

  • H.H. SAMDACH VENERATTA NAY CHROEK– His Holiness is one the three highest monks of Cambodia and hailed as a King Monk. Samdach Nay received the highest spiritual award from the Global Order of Dignitaries and Philanthropists (G.O.D.) Awards last July 2019 at the United Nations, Geneva. As the Supreme Spiritual Icon of the Year, His Holiness regularly conduct humanitarian works allover Cambodia.
  • H.R.H. PRINCESS AMOR M. MASTURA– Her Royal Highness is from the legendary clan of Sultan Kudarat who started his rule in the Sultanate of Maguindanao covering the entire Mindanao Island in Southern Philippines around the 12th century and ended in the 20th century. Princess Amor is an Obgyne working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. From a long distance, she tirelessly sends her assistance to whoever in need in her hometown.
  • H.E. OKNAH SAM DARARATH, PhD– His Excellency is one of the most respected businessmen in Cambodia. He is the founder of Save Nature Cambodia, an organization primarily caring for the environment and wildlife. To date, Save Nature has planted more than one million trees in the country. Dr. Sam is also an adviser to the nation’s Prime Minister, Samdach Hun Sen and is a consistent patron of We Care for Humanity.
  • H.E. MOK MARETH– His Excellency Mareth is a Cambodian politician and former Minister of the Environment. He is currently serving as Member of Parliament of Takeo province of Cambodia. H.E. Mareth is big advocate of saving nature and wild life given his background, a  natural scientist by training, Mareth earned a bachelor’s degree in agronomy and fisheries engineering from the University of Agronomy, Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 1971 and his PhD in animal and aquatic biology from Paul Sabatier University, in Toulouse, France in 1974. 
  • H.E. IV SRY- Her Excellency is an adviser to the Ministry of Interior of Cambodia and a respected entrepreneur in the country. She works closely with King Monk Samdach Nay Chroek in various humanitarian works in the sectors of health, education and poverty alleviation. Iv Sry is a recipient of G.O.D. Awards as Woman of Honor of Asia last September in Los Angeles, California.
  • MRS. KIMLY LIM– Honorable Lim is the founder and president of Family Agriculture Community, and NGO focusing on the welfare of women and family through agriculture. Mrs. Lim was recently appointed as Country Director of We Care for Humanity Cambodia Branch. She received Women Empowerment Awards from the G.O.D. America last September 2019.
  • H.E. OKNAH DR. SEANG CHANG HENG– Her Excellency is the President of Heng Development. She is one of the leading personalities of Cambodia in business, philanthropy and religious sectors. Her reach and influence is far and wide and many people especially the poor benefit from the regular humanitarian activities she conducts on daily basis. Dr. Seang is being nominated for an award at the upcoming G.O.D. Awards at the United Nations, New York.
  • H.E. LORK CHUMTEA SOURN RAKSMEY– Her Excellency is the Vice President of Save Nature Cambodia and presently working for the government. Like H.E. Oknah Dr. Sam Dararath, she dedicates most of her efforts in protecting the nature. Her passion to plant trees and educate others on how to save the nature.
  • DR. MOHAN GUNTI, PhD– Dr. Gunti works as an advisor to the Cambodia National Tourism building and connecting G2G Relations.  He is also an Advisor to Save Nature Cambodia and regularly plant trees with the group to raise awareness on protecting the environment.
  • DR. BASSAM FARCHOUKH– Dr. Farchoukh is a successful businessman in Lebanon. He is the President and CEO of Samo Belt, one of the oldest and prominent leather companies with a wide variety of leather products from shoes, bags to belts for men and women. Bassam is also the the president of the Union of Leather Companies of Middle-East. Dr Farchoukh is a prolific humanitarian, always ready to help.

We Care for Humanity also thank the volunteers, the distribution team in Cotabato city: Gen. Hji. Bensaleh P. Sharifah, LtGen. Abdulkhabir S. Sharifah, MGen. Mohammad Kiblanzed P. Sharifah and in Marawi city: Sultan Bert Dagalangit, Sultan Sac Guru, Sultan Macalayo Atha, Alvin Dagalangit, Noah Dagalangit, Junjun Dagalangit, Raizoli Dagalangit, Mahatma Dagalangit, Saipoden Dagalangit, Datu Dagalangit and many more.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sultana From The Philippines, The First International Woman To Receive The Monisarapown Award From The Royal Government Of Cambodia

We Care for Humanity Founder and G.O.D. Chairman, Maria Amor received an award given by the Prime Minister of Cambodia, Samdach Hun Sen for her unwavering support to Save Nature Cambodia for planting almost a million trees in the Kingdom.

H.E. Oknah Sam Dararath, PhD, founder of Save Nature Cambodia and Adviser to Samdach Prime Minister felicitated the Monisarapown Award from the Royal Government of Cambodia to HRH Maria Amor onthe occasion of the 8th Global Order of Dignitaries and Philanthropists (G.O.D.) Awards Ceremony and Dinner Gala at the Anaheim Convention Center, one of California’s landmark last September 21, 2019. Dr. Dararath was enjoined on the stage by other Cambodian delegates and honorees of the said function: H.E. Iv Sry, Advisor to the Ministry of Interior who received the Woman of Honor of Asia from G.O.D.; Mrs. Kimly Lim, President of Family Agricultural Development Community who also G.O.D. recipient as Humanitarian Icon of Cambodia; and Dr. Siphal Pheng, a businessman. 

Save Nature Cambodia is a non-governmental organization mandated by the Prime Minister to take the lead in caring for the environment of the Kingdom, not only for planting trees but to save the wildlife, the mountains and proper usage of land to protect the nature and the treasures of the Kingdom. To date, Save Nature has planted over 700,000 trees allover Phnom Penh and Siam Reap with the help of We Care for Humanity and Princess Amor.

Maria Amor is the first ever enthroned Sultana and Queen of Power in Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan in the Philippines and mandated as the Ambassador of the 16 Royal House of Lanao and the Lanao Muslim Professionals Fraternity (LAMUSPROF). “I am grateful to Samdach Prime Minister Hun Sen for recognizing my work for the environment and to His Excellency Oknah Dr. Sam Dararath for giving me an opportunity to work with Save Nature Cambodia. I am equally thankful to His Holiness Samdech Preah Vannaratta Nay Chroek for the endless blessings and to the Kingdom that has embraced me and has given me the wonderful people I call my family and friends. To the King, I have yet the pleasure to meet, I hail, Long Live the King!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Galaxy Of Great Humanitarians Emerged, Philanthropic Partnerships Formed At The 8th G.O.D. In America


We Care for Humanity (WCH) held another momentous Global Order of Dignitaries and Philanthropists (G.O.D.) Awards at one of America’s landmarks, the Anaheim Convention Center last September 20 & 21, 2019, in collaboration with Global Community Foundations and co-chaired by H.E. Ivo Josipovic, 3rd President of Croatia; H.E. Rosalia Arteaga, Former President of Ecuador; H.E. Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, 10th Vice President of Kenya and Hon. Lou Correa, Congressman, 46th District, California.

 The historical event highlighted different important segments:

 The WCH HUMANITARIAN SUMMIT – Harmonizing with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, global issues on Homeless Veterans, Free Education for Boys and Girls, Healthy Ageing, Interfaith towards Peace and Sustainable Innovations and Partnerships were tackled with passion and enthusiasm by esteemed speakers from around the world.

Commencing with a Royal Grand Entrance the 8th G.O.D. AWARDS CEREMONY & DINNER GALA recognized humanitarian efforts of 16 great philanthropists:

  • His Royal Majesty King Oyo (Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV) King of Tooro, Uganda as ROYAL MAN OF EAST AFRICA
  • His Majesty Yadou Abalounorou Zibrila, King of Badjoude Community Ouake, Benin as NOBLE KING OF AFRICA
  • His Majesty Petoni Koda Vi, King of Djougou, Republic of Benin as ROYAL MAN OF WEST AFRICA
  • Hrh Prince Alassane Ouorou Karimou, Président of P-MaREDeL ONG, Benin as HUMANITARIAN ROYAL OF AFRICA
  • H.H. Prince Anastase Guezo, Minister and Second Advisor of King of Royal Palace of Abomey, BENIN as ROYAL LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD
  • Sam Pitroda, Chairman, Global Knowledge Initiative as GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN FOR SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS
  • Hon. Usha Ramanlal Naik, Senior Leader of Brahma Kumaris as SPIRITUAL & WELLNESS AMBASSADOR
  • Nadeem Nusrat, Chairman of South Asia Minorities Alliance Foundation as THE VOICE OF MINORITIES’ RIGHTS AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOM
  • H.E. Iv Sry, Adviser to Ministry of Interior, Cambodia as WOMAN OF HONOR OF ASIA
  • Kimly Lim, President of Family Agricultural Dev. Community as HUMANITARIAN ICON OF CAMBODIA
  • Dr. Jayrendra Shah, Medical Director of Rehab & Chronic Pain Clinic as HUMANITARIAN LEGACY AWARD
  • Mrs. Usha Shah, President of Federation
  • David Gallup, President of World Service Authority as HUMAN RIGHTS ICON
  • David E. Kenney, Esq., Managing Partner of Kenney & Kroff Lawyers as DEFENDER OF THE TRUTH and HUMANITY
  • Dr. Kelly Nguyen, CEO of IDLogic as EXCELLENCE IN HEALTH & WELLNESS

The GLOBAL EXPO founded and hosted by Dr. Tony Nguyen featured international flair of products and health innovations including the Global Medical ID by IDLogic and Health Fair by Global Telecare Inc. In addition, the Expo featured the making of Mandala Art by the monks of Namgyal Monastery, Ithaca NY, headed by Ven. Tenzin Choesang, its president.

 SPECIAL AWARDS TO THE FOUNDER – H.H. Princess Maria Amor Torres, soon to be “Sulutan A Bae A Gaus of Minsupala (The first and only female Sultan and Queen of Power of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan” received the Medal of Merit from the Prime Minister of the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia for her unwavering support to Save Nature Cambodia in planting a total of 700,000 trees in the country. Founder H.E. Oknah Dr. Sam Dararath along with the other delegation from Cambodia felicitated the award.

 In addition, Princess Maria was honored as “Princess of Humanity” by the Brahma Kumaris headed by sister Usha Naik, and a self-portrait was gifted to Amor by a special artist with disability from Vietnam.

Royals, Dignitaries and Speakers have shared their views about the event:

 “I appreciate We Care for Humanity and Princess Maria for being there for humanity and for her undying dedication, be blessed. I look forward to convene the G.O.D. Africa in Uganda along with the collaboration of the Association of Queens and Princesses of Africa.” – beautiful words by Her Royal Highness Best Olimi Kemigisa, Queen Mother of Tooro Kingdom who also presented the Congressional Certificates from Congressman Lou Correa to the participants of the 8th G.O.D.

 “This year G.O.D. America was a celebration of humanity and goodness. These two-day discussions over important issues, like education, health and care for the veterans gave new ideas and proposals for a more humane world. Thanks to Princess Maria Amor Torres, the leader of the G.O D. and We Care for Humanity, again and again has showed a better face of our world,” says H.E. Ivo Josipovic, 3rd President of Croatia

 A strong comment by former President of Ecuador, H.E. Rosalia Arteaga “I trust on the power of education”, she continues “The G.O.D. Awards is an excellent opportunity to recognize humanitarian personalities from all over the world.

 Dr Udit Raj, National Chairman of All India Confederation of SC/ST Org stated “I commend the herculean task of We Care for the Humanity headed by Princes Amor Torres for organizing the 8th G.O.D. Awards and for including the plight of the Untouchables to the WCH Humanitarian Summit. I appeal to the world philanthropists and human right activists that they should not only to empathize the issue of the Untouchables but raise it all over the world.

 “G.O.D. Awards, we are moving towards the right direction. Topics discussed: Healthy Ageing, interfaith, Religious Harmony & eliminating Extremism, Secular ethics, Peace in the World, Health Education. Had fruitful sessions with all the experts, leaders, doctors and philanthropists. Thank you to all especially Princess Maria Amor, together we can change the world. Education is key to success. Love and Peace,” – Venerable Rinpoche Phurba Dorjee, Spiritual Guru/Film Maker.

 “Princess Maria Amor did a phenomenal event in LA this weekend in promoting Humanity, Religious Freedom and discussion on pivotal issues confronting our communities. The diverse and select group of world leaders and intellectual capital was extraordinary. Delighted to be part of this outliers and looking forward to these Roundtables.” – Puneet Ahluwalia, Managing Partner, New World Strategies.

 The head of Amazon Princess of Benin, H.H. Princess Pulcherie Simpson said, “We, the Royals of Benin stand united to back-up the vision of our sister, Princess Maria Amor. We support her for helping our people in Africa. The ancestors are going to bless you our Princess of Amazon.

HRH Constantine Butamanya Mwogezi of Buruli Kingdom states “The role of the Royals and Traditional Leaders of Uganda are paramount to the peace and development of the country. I thank WCH and G.O.D. for including this topic to the agenda of this event.

 Global Telecare Director- Dr. Jay Shah also commented, “G.O.D. was a great success, due to Maria’s experience and ability to gather world leaders, dignitaries and philanthropists, plus the care for all details made a huge difference.

 “The Eco-Palace is not for the Kings and Queens, The Eco-Palace is for humanity. This is the vision of Princess Maria and we, the YVCO and the Queen Mother of Tooro are committed to join hands with Her Highness in serving humanity.” explained Monica Karungi Kanyaihe of WOFA Uganda during her presentation at the awards.

 Eng. Mostafa Saleh, CEO of Master Cell Company in Egypt explained, “The G.O.D. Academy is the vision of Princess Maria. Together, we will establish this Innovation Academy which will help inventors who do not have the materials, resources or technologies to develop their inventions and make it real and tangible at low prices. This will help everyone get an equal opportunity to live a decent life and reach their desired goal of a decent life.

 “We will keep on inventing sustainable innovations to contribute to sustainable humanitarianism, we intend to keep that promise.” – Dr. Eng. Leopold Halser of Multicon.

 We Care for Humanity and G.O.D. thank the rest of the people who contributed to the event, Master of Ceremony Jesse Miranda who is one of the original committee members of the G.O.D. and 8th G.O.D. co-emcee Nicole Sopher, Speakers: Scott Bennett, U.S. Army Special Operations Officer, Dr. Kelly Nguyen of IDlogiq, Dr. Jack Bui of UCSD Stem Cell Lab, Dr. Christina Dokter of NALBOH and Dr. Mohamed Al-Sadek of Tru Life Clinic.

And lastly, Princess Maria Amor personally thanks all the volunteers who have helped on the last minute especially the G.O.D. Team. “I am indebted to all your unselfishness and generosity, to lend your extra hands in times of need. Salamat po ng marami at Mabuhay kayong lahat!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

G.O.D. Awards Comes To California With Global Expo 2019 To Benefit Marginalized Veterans

 Following the overwhelming success of the 7th G.O.D. event at the United Nations in Geneva last 11th and 12th of July 2019, philanthropists will once again travel across the globe this summer, to celebrate humanitarian efforts at one of America’s landmarks, the Anaheim Convention Center (ACC), where We Care for Humanity (WCH), a 501c3 non-profit organization advocating Human Rights, World Peace, Green Environment, Education, Health, Eradication of Poverty and Empowerment, and its philanthropic partners, will convene one of the biggest collaborations in the history of philanthropy; the 8th Global Order of Dignitaries & Philanthropists (G.O.D.), AMERICA slated on 20th and 21st of September, 2019.

Hosted by the Global Community Foundations (GCF) and co-chaired by Hon. Congressman J. Louis Correa of 46th District of California and Sub Committee for Homeland and Security, H.E. Ivo Josipovic, 3rd President of Croatia, H.E. Rosalia Arteaga, former President of Ecuador, and H.E. Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, 10th Vice President of Kenya, G.O.D. America aims to benefit the Homeless Veterans of California reclaim their dignity and to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle, a project being undertaken currently by WCH.

Her Highness Princess Maria Amor Torres, founder of WCH and Chairman and Creator of the G.O.D. Awards said, “G.O.D. mission continues in this part of the world, we will recognize Americans and the humanitarians-at-large for their contribution to the welfare of the human race. WCH is grateful to GCF and Dr. Tony Nguyen who are trying to augment the issues of the Veterans in California, being the beneficiary of this event. We are happy to use the G.O.D. platform not only to promote universal humanitarianism and recognize great philanthropists but also to spearhead social partnerships and collaborations”. 

GCF’s flagship event the GLOBAL EXPO 2019 is one of G.O.D.’s major component. Focusing on Health & Wellness Summit and Health Fair, Global Expo promises to distribute 10,000 Global Medical Cards to the attendees of the event. “Global Expo 2019 is beyond just healthcare and health maintenance. Our goal is to develop holistic well-being programs for individuals, curb the rising costs of healthcare, and influence systemic change in the healthcare industry”, explained by Dr. Kelly Nguyen, CEO of IDLOGIQ, the main partner in the expo. Dr. Jay Shah, Medical Director of Global TeleCare, Inc. also said “Our targets are to foster peace and promote health and wellness leaving no one behind by providing our guests the tools they need; health education, thorough clinical evaluation, EKG screening & blood tests, all for FREE to all attendees!”

An advocate of world peace, Dr. Tony Nguyen, founder of GCF announced, “one of our missions in this event is to introduce the Project: Building The 14th Dalai Lama’s Library and Museum in United States. The Main goal for this project is to preserve the teachings of His Holiness which is the promotion of basic human value and religious harmony, a must for the 21st century-young generation to make a peaceful, healthy and happy world in the future.”

As a tradition, G.O.D. is integrated with WCH Humanitarian Summit to tackle social issues and promote the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Esteemed personalities will be joining the panel of speakers: H.M. Constantine Butamanya Mwogezi, King of Buruli, Uganda; HRH Olimi Best Kemigisa, Queen Mother of Kingdom of Tooro, Uganda; H.M. Yadou Abalounorou Zibrila, King of Badjoude Community Ouake, Benin; H.M. Petoni Koda VI, King of Djougou, Republic of Benin; Dr. Udit Raj, Chairman of All India Confederation of SC/ST Org.; Sam Pitroda, Chairman of Global Knowledge Initiative; John Robinson, Founder of Concern International Foundation and many more!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Princess Maria Amor Visits The Zayed Charitable Foundation In UAE

 An introduction for collaborations on humanitarian projects between The Zayed Charitable & Humanitarian Foundation and We Care for Humanity

H.E. Abdulla Salem Alameri showing the latest project of Zayed Foundation in UAE

Abu Dhabi – 22nd August, 2019 – The first Bae A Romapunut of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan, Her Highness Princess Maria Amor Torres made an official visit to the Zayed Charitable & Humanitarian Foundation Headquarters in Abu Dhabi. Her Highness was warmly received by H.E. Abdulla Salem Alameri, Director General Office Manager, Dr. Ibraheem Hasan AlZaabi, Projects & Programs Director and Ms. Miray Zaki, Head of Investments of the said Foundation.

"H.E. Abdulla Salem Alameri and HRH Princess Maria Amor
in deep conversation about humanitarian projects"

Zayed Foundation was founded by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in 1992 focusing on the implementation of sustainable projects and programs to improve the quality and level of health and educational services and infrastructure in developing countries, in order to improve the social and economic standards of the people. In 2010, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, issued an Emiri Decree on the restructuring of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees under the chairmanship of HH Sheikh Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan and HH Sheikh Omar bin Zayed Al Nahyan as Vice-President. H.E. Hamad Salem Bin Kardous Al Ameri serves as the Director General of the Foundation.

According to Zaki,“the purpose of the visit is an introduction, to create a synergy between the two charitable organizations and see the possibilities of working together on humanitarian grounds”.

(L to R) Dr. Ibraheem Hasan AlZaabi, HRH Princess Maria Amor, Ms. Miray Zaki, and Mr. Abdulla Salem Alamer
Amor, founder of We Care for Humanity (WCH) explains her vision, the Eco-Palace for Humanity, now being planned in the Philippines, Uganda and Cambodia, as a center for Peace, Economic and Social Development for humanity with a mission to eradicate poverty, violence and human sufferings by providing free to low-cost housing to the disadvantaged people, in displaced families and refugees due to wars and calamities; free education and healthcare; sustainable livelihood; empowerment programs for women, children, elders and people with disability; a center for interdenominational faiths; a science and technology hub; and a facility for culture, arts and sports.

“You cannot stop terrorism until you stop poverty. The devil feeds on vulnerability especially the hungry stomachs. Educate the children and feed the hungry, then there will be no more to recruit to become terrorists.” – Princess Maria Amor

Mr. Alameri said that the Foundation has been cooperating and coordinating with different UN and government agencies on humanitarian projects and is constantly keen to provide various assistance to the needy from inside and outside the State without distinction between race, religion, color or gender. “We welcome new ideas and strategies in order to make unprecedented impact to the needy. We are happy to learn about We Care for Humanity’s activities and we look forward to future collaborations in the Philippines and other countries where we can provide assistance to.”

Amor also invited the Zayed Foundation to the Philippines in October for her Grand Enthronement as the First Bae A Romapunut of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan which will be attended by dignitaries, royals, philanthropists, honorees of the Global Order of Dignitaries and Philanthropists (G.O.D.) Awards Honorees. The said grand event is being organized by the Lanao Muslim Professional Fraternity (LAMUSPROF), Union of Royal Houses of Mindanao and the Ranao Council for Culture and Peace with the support of local government of Marawi, Mindanao State University and other Muslim entities of the Philippines.

H.E. Abdulla Salem Alameri and HRH Princess Maria Amor 

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Big Thank you from We Care for Humanity and Maria Amor


The BIG THANK YOU from We Care for Humanity and Maria Amor

Dear G.O.D.s and Philanthropists:

The beauty of humanitarianism is the ability to be explosive and internationally thought provoking. Independent from subtility and grand gestures, it is the message behind it which frames the impact.

During the duration of three days, honorees, speakers and ambassadors were collected onto one stage at the united nations of Genève to fight for a worldwide mission, the preservation of this planet. In particular WCH cornerstone of “Sustainable Humanitarianism” was underscored and emphasized as a means of aiding the achievement of the United Nations 2030 agenda.

Every year there are larger projects, and goals that surmount the biggest of mountains. And for each year our philanthropic machine seamlessly increases the altitude of the trek we must gruelingly overcome for the benefit of the international community.

This could not have been done without the leap of faith my distinguished guest, volunteers, speakers and organizers had with We Care for Humanity.

HRH Prince F. Olorunfemi of Nigeria and Vanuatu, CEO of Mines and Vaults: First and foremost, my deepest apologies. Since we met my prince, you have been keen in being discreet and anonymous with your philanthropic endeavors. This year I had to break tradition and honor an individual whom gave us the support and ferocity to take step forwards to the Palais des Nations.

HH Baba Edmond Brahimaj: Your compassion and humility reverberate as the voice of those that are weary and hopeful. You made sure the less fortunate were not alone in their fight. There is no accolade in this world worthy of giving to such an altruistic person, yet you tirelessly support the organization by being one of our biggest supporter and inspiration for half a decade. Thank you

Honorable Foreign Minister of Vanuatu Ralph Ragenvanu, His Excellency Vanuatu UN Ambassador Sumbue Antas and Deputy Ambassador Noah Patrick Kouback: Understandably there was much risk involved with such a venture of being our host. Exactly what is WCH, why jeopardize the credibility of a fresh mission in supporting an organization obscure in Oceania. The answer is simple, we care for humanity. The passion we have to protect and aid nations who have been devastated by turbulent unprecedented and human perpetuated catastrophes resonated strongly with your own. The intrinsic energy both our respected organizations had resonated strongly to create one of the most successful Summit and subsequent G.O.D awards up to date. Thank you for your faith and may we continue to collaborate in the future.  

H.E. Dr. Alfred MoisiuH.E. Ivo JosipovicH.E. Filip Vujanovic: My distinguished Presidents, your compassion for change and transparency honed an amalgamation of talented skills at the United Nations. In a time in which every move is dissected and scrutinized, with elegance, courage and without hesitation supported WCH cause for a better tomorrow. I am deeply humbled and forever grateful as your intuition for what is credible and impactful is unparalleled.

H.H. Samdach Preah Vanaratta Nay Chroek: Regardless of the obstacle, the greatest dreamers are those willing to face the most arduous obstacles to transform their dreams into a reality. Your Holiness, your enthusiasm, compassion and message of oneness is a true testament of why the pen is mightier than the sword, why good would always surmount evil.

H.E. Dr. Sheikh Yousef Bin Saleh Al-Rahji and H.E. Sheikh Mohsen Abdullah Al Turki: Your excellency, your call for the million stateless persons who have been denied citizenship and basic rights such as education, health care, work and freedom of movement was powerful and stroke a chord at the UNOG. For millions of people who have been displaced from their homes and outcasted by society, you made their voice clear. My mission for the remainder of this year is develop projects to cater to the aid of refugees outcasted and forgotten by society. Thank you for reminding the world.

Mr. Himanshu PatelNanda Bhagi: Humbleness, ingenuity and attention for humanity is synonymous with the triton solar brand and those who represent it. With every obstacle met that could have impeded success of the summit and consequent G.O.D awards Triton Solar went above and beyond. This is something unprecedented, and the start of a beautiful friendship and team for the continuity of our only home, earth. I am forever in your gratitude.

Honorable Kennedy Kalonzo Musyoka: Your passion, conviction, and courage are unquestionable. From start to finish you were there championing the event and empowering those in attendance. A member of parliament of a colorfully diverse, richly cultured and persevering nation, you have always marched towards your dream to become a transformative and dynamic model, for the sake of fellow Kenya and now the world. Thank you

Dr. Udit Raj: The many programs in India you created to support the downtrodden and outcasted along with your passion cannot be contained. Your enthusiasm is contagious, I am forever in your debt my friend for pushing WCH to impact more people for the embitterment of this planet.

Dr. Elizabeth Jack Rich-Tein: I am always personally inspired when I see women of your philanthropic caliber taking initiative to change the world. Your career thus far has shown an incredible young lady with an ambition for the preservation of this planet that refuses to be squelched.

Venerable Rinpoche Phurba Dorjee: You break tradition of being a spiritual guru. Your business acumen and philanthropic prowess give many children and youth in Nepal and India more opportunities to have better future, better lives. Everyone recognizes a big brother in you and so do I, thank you for your support through and through.

Dr. Aphinita Chaichana: You only not hold the torch of Peace in Asia but you are a symbol of humility and camaraderie. Everyone is drawn to your humbleness; you make them feel respected and appreciated. I am happy you lead the organization that I truly care about, more than my own life, in Thailand and I look forward to seeing the progress of it under your leadership.

Professor Arben Sulejmani: You are a real partner and a brother front and back. You answer to my call whenever there is an urgency. You are known as a life saver on top of being a Peace Messenger of Europe. Thank you “bebush” and I look forward to convening the G.O.D. Europe with you and the Bektashi Order in Albania.

Evgenia Laguna: The Concert for Humanity has reached its highest pitch because of your dynamic performance. We were in awe for two lovely evenings and privileged to be serenaded by the Space Opera Diva who thrills her high notes as high as she cares for the children. Our deepest and most entertained gratitude to our diva!

Hon. Councilor Wendy Meikle, Dr. Nii Kotei DzaniDr. Kemal AydinAdewale Adebajo, Eniola BadmusVen. Naw Kham La DhammasamiJyotika JalaniDr. Ruby Bakshi KhurdiDr. Hanan Marie, Dr. Emine Akin, Hon. Asif Chowdhury and Illustrious guests: You honored us with your presence and contributions, thank you for gracing the 7th G.O.D. Awards and WCH Humanitarian Summit. We hope that you keep us in your hearts, and you continue to support our causes and mission for the benefit of humanity. 

Her Highness Princess Souma SisowathGennady Tkachenko PapizhAllan Landry and Alice Boubour: Lending your undeniably sought-after talents and skills to WCH is such a noble thing to do. In spite of your very hectic schedules, you found time to give and care for the benefit of humanity. I personally admire each and every one of you for using your God-gifted ability to uplifts those in need.

Bishop Joy Theriot: WCH is blessed to have you as our Vice President for UN Affairs. I don’t think the G.O.D. will survive without your sincere commitment to WCH. It shows in every task you do. It shows in the outcome of the 7th G.O.D. I was able to pull the wagon because you were behind pushing it. You gave me the lift and push I needed. Thank you and I love you.

Jo Moran: I believe no one can match what you have done and still doing for WCH. You belong to the core team not only because of your ability to write and think but because you are genuinely a good humanitarian. I see myself in you that is why I have high expectations of you. You are a leader in the making. However, as a big sister, I will impart this phrase to you: “when the student is ready, the right teacher will appear”.

Maureen Brindle: Ever since you started writing poems for WCH, our organization has never been the same. It became more diverse, established and cultural, something a true organization should be. WCH made marks in literary and arts because of your wonderful contributions. You are our forever Official Poet and together we will add colors and rainbows to the world.

To the G.O.D. Representatives, Mr. Tariq Al Farrah, Mr. Wahab Al Farouk and Mr. Uwe Zirbes: Your influence and connections world-wide has come a long way. As a result, we have successfully fundraised for the medical needs and restoration of hospitals of Vanuatu. Please accept my profound thanks to all of you.

To all the Volunteers: You are the backbone of any organization. Be proud to call yourself a volunteer. Our sincerest gratitude to all of you especially the Geneva Volunteers who extended help and support on the last minute. We hope that we will continue our relationships and more collaborations in the future.

And lastly, a note to myself: You deserve a tap on the shoulder for not giving-up. For weathering the obstacles and fighting for what you believe in, no matter what. For never forgetting that the G.O.D. is never about you and is bigger than anything you have done because it belongs to the true owner of this platform, the humanity. You don’t need a thank you but a constant reminder that you will not stop fostering the G.O.D. until the ratio of humanitarians and the needy is 1:1.

Monday, July 22, 2019

7th G.o.d. Awards’ World Leaders, Dignitaries And Royals’ Meet In Un Geneva Raised Gigantic Charity Partnerships And Funds For Vanuatu Hospitals

We Care for Humanity (WCH) and Princess Maria Amor succeeded honoring some of the great humanitarians of the world at its flagship event, now on its 7th year, the Global Order of Dignitaries and Philanthropists (G.O.D.) in partnership with The Permanent Mission of Vanuatu at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland last July 11 & 12, 2019.

Honorary Chairmen and Presenter of Awards: His Royal Highness F. Olorunfemi of Nigeria and Vanuatu, CEO of Mines and Vaults, His Holiness Baba Edmond Brahimaj, World Leader of the Bektashi Order, Honorable Foreign Minister of Vanuatu Ralph Ragenvanu and His Excellency Vanuatu UN Ambassador Sumbue Antas, presented the G.O.D. Awards Humanitarian Regalia composed of the 17 UNSDG medals to the most altruistic world leaders, royals and philanthropists of our time:

  • H.E. Dr. Alfred Moisiu, Former President of Albania as Father of the Balkans
  • H.E. Ivo Josipovic, Former President of Croatia as Dignitary Man of Europe
  • H.E. Filip Vujanovic, Former President of Montenegro as Visionary Leader of Europe
  • H.H. Samdach Preah Vannaratta Nay Choroek, 3rd Deputy Chief Monk of Cambodia as Supreme Spiritual Icon of the Year
  • H.E. Dr. Sheikh Yousef Bin Saleh Al-Rajhi, Chairman of the League of Arab People as Global Man of the Year
  • H.E. Sheikh Mohsen Abdullah Al Turki, Economic Consultant from KSA as Noble Man of the Middle-East
  • Mr. Himanshu Patel, Founder and Chairman of Triton Solar LLC in USA as Global Humanitarian for Climate Change Innovation
  • Honorable Kennedy Kalonzo Musyoka, Member of Parliament at East African Legislative Assembly of Kenya as Youth Leadership Awardee
  • Dr. Udit Raj, Former Member of Parliament in India and National Chairman at All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations as Human Rights Legend
  • Dr. Elizabeth Jack Rich-Tein, Founder of The Elizabeth Jack-Rich Aid Foundation as Global Woman Humanitarian for Poverty Alleviation
  • Venerable Rinpoche Phurba Dorjee, Spiritual Guru and Film-Maker as Champion of Peace & Humanity
  • Professor Arben Sulejmani, President of the Bektashi Community in North Macedonia as Peace Icon of Europe
  • Dr. Aphinita Chaichana, President of We Care for Humanity Thailand as Peace Icon of Asia
  • Evgenia Laguna, Space Opera Diva as Global Humanitarian Artist 
  • Re-awarded from G.O.D. Asia 2018, Hon. Asif Chaudhary as Humanitarian Diplomat of the Year

Princess Maria Amor Torres, Founder of WCH and the Creator and Chairman of the G.O.D.  explains, “The goal of the G.O.D. Awards is not to glorify the humanitarian figure, but to multiply it. To flood the humanitarian world, before climate change does. To spark international agents of change for harmonious action with a collective of wisdom.”

The mission of the 7th G.O.D. to raise funds for Vanuatu Hospitals and procure medical equipment has been met with great impact through the generosity of the two honorees – Sheikh Yousef Al-Rajhi and Sheikh Mohsen Al-Turki. WCH is opportunely arranging the process together with the Permanent Mission of Vanuatu to UNOG and the Prince of Nigeria, Olorunfemi.

In addition, Triton Solar is donating one Triton Solar clean energy system (panels, battery pack, inverters, LED lights and accessories) to each hospital in Vanuatu for keeping their vaccines and emergency equipment safe during power outages. Mr. Himanshu B. Patel , Founder & CEO Triton Solar USA says, “This is a great honor and privilege to get this 2019 UN G.O.D Award for Climate Change innovation. We are truly humbled and really appreciate permanent mission of Vanuatu’s Foreign Affairs Ministry to collaborate with “We Care for Humanity” foundation led by HH Princess Maria Amor who has proven track record of 6 plus years honoring the greatest humanitarians of the world. Our company mission is to provide clean energy solutions globally and we are committed to address global warming issue by reducing carbon emissions into the environment using clean energy technologies and solutions.”

The integral WCH Humanitarian Summit brought together brilliant speakers and experts under theme “Sustainable Humanitarianism Towards United Nation’s 2030 Agenda”: Hon. Councilor Wendy Meikle of Stockport UK, President of Groupe Ideal – Dr. Nii Kotei Dzani, Triton Solar Global Head for Business – Nanda Bhagi, World Healthy Ageing Council Founder – Dr. Kemal Aydin, UT Financial Services CEO – Adewale Adebajo, Nigerian Film Actress and Producer – Eniola Badmus, Founder of Institute of Buddhist Psychology – Ven. Naw Kham La Dhammasami, Janavi India Founder, Jyotika Jalani, Ted-Ex Speaker and Leadership Trainer in Geneva – Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi, WCH Official Poet from UK – Maureen Brindle, Interactive Health Practitioner – Dr. Hanan Marie and WHAC Board Member – Dr. Emine Akin are among the speakers who enjoined the honorees in contributing ideas and solutions to the 6 UNSD Goals targeted in the summit: Goal #3 Health & Well-being, Goal #4 Quality Education, Goal #10 Reduced Inequalities, Goal 13# Climate Action, Goal #16 Peace & Strong Institution and the Youth Leadership Forum.

Concert for Humanity, the Culture and Arts segment of the G.O.D. showcased stellar performances by renown opera singer – Evgenia Laguna, Russian sound imitator – Gennady Tkachencko Papizh, the singing royal of Cambodia – H.H. Souma Sisowath and French pop singer, Alice Boubourwho also facilitated the 2-day event as Master of Ceremony while the Voice of Monaco, Allan Landry, lent his creative showmanship at the G.O.D. Dinner Gala at the Intercon Geneva.

The glittering gala highlighted humanitarian achievements of We Care for Humanity. “I saw the efforts of the Princess to promote universal humanitarianism. I believe in her vision and I am here to support her in any way I can to achieve our common mission- to alleviate the lives of the poor. I encourage everyone; dignitaries, royals, presidents, who are gathered in this room to join hands with We Care for Humanity to make this world a better place,” said the Prince of Nigeria. HRH Prince F. Olorunfemi, a lifelong humanitarian in Africa and the co-producer of the 7th G.O.D. Awards.

The organizers, Princess Maria Amor, WCH Vice President for UN Affairs – Joy Theriot, WCH Youth Director – Jo Moran thank The Permanent Mission of Vanuatu in Geneva, Triton Solar LLC, Janavi India and all the volunteers from Geneva who extended their tremendous help to make the event a massive success!

WCH is now gearing-up for the next awards, The G.O.D. America and Global Expo in collaboration with Grand Aster to be convened at the Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles on September 20 and 21, 2019.