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Saturday, April 27, 2024

IHRO Chairman, Dr. Nem Singh Premi to be Knighted by the Royal Maharlika in Las Vegas

The Royal Maharlika proclaims the impending knighting of Dr. Nem Singh Premi, esteemed Chairman of the International Human Rights Organization (IHRO), at the grand WCH Royal Summit in the luminous realm of Las Vegas on the 14th of April in this cycle.

Queen Maria Amor Leonor Torres Mastura, the founder of WCH and Chairperson of the summit, extended her congratulations, stating, "We are privileged to present this award to Dr. Premi. His dedication to humanity has undoubtedly enriched the world. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with him for the advancement of global welfare."

Dr. Nem Singh Premi, hailing from a humble village in Aligarh, India, has emerged as a prominent figure in the realm of human rights activism. With a rich background in engineering and political science, Dr. Premi's journey into activism began during his college years. 

After serving the Indian National Congress for 25 years, he founded the International Human Rights Organization (IHRO) in 2009, headquartered in New Delhi. Dr. Premi's remarkable achievements include his pivotal role in rescuing over 400 bonded employees from Libya and securing the release of 17 individuals facing capital punishment in Sharjah. He has also been a vocal advocate for the Bahai community, addressing religious prejudice before the United Nations and the Iranian Government. 

Under Dr. Premi's leadership, IHRO has expanded its reach to over 50 countries and numerous states in India, notably impacting regions like Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Arunachal Pradesh, and Maharashtra. His unwavering dedication to human rights has earned him global recognition and respect. 

As the World Chairman of IHRO, Dr. Nem Singh Premi leads initiatives aimed at empowering the underprivileged and upholding their fundamental human rights in areas such as health, education, sustainability, art, culture, and science. IHRO's mission aligns with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals, envisioning a world transformed by 2030 through the lens of human rights and sustainability. 

Dr. Premi's educational background from G.B. Pant Govt. Engineering College and his ongoing commitment to research and advocacy underscore his deep-rooted passion for effecting positive change at both national and international levels. Through his tireless efforts and visionary leadership, Dr. Nem Singh Premi continues to inspire hope and catalyze meaningful progress in the global fight for human rights and social justice.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

The Traveling Princess Visits The Varjao Association Of Sports And Culture For The Youth In Brasilia

The Traveling Princess Visits the Varjao Association of Sports and Culture for the Youth in Brasilia
The Founder of WCH, Princess Maria Amor with the youth of ASVEC in Brasilia, Brazil
We Care for Humanity extended support to ASVEC and conducted relief distribution in collaboration with the OSJ Knights of Malta a nd Gruppo Nicoletti

On her 3rd day in Brazil, Sultana Princess Maria Amor, the founder of We Care for Humanity visited the ASVEC Associacao Varjao Esporte E Cultura (Varjao Association of Sports and Culture), organized by Gruppo Nicoletti and Queiroz Avogados.

The visit started with a small introduction from their CEO, Ms. Juliana Ferreira Alves and a presentation of sports by the children and youth at their studio; followed by a tour at the football arena where the Princess kicked the ball and made a goal!

“I commend the mission of ASVEC to empower the youth in their community, to save them from unpleasant vices like drugs, alcohol, dangerous activities on the streets, and violence. ASVEC teaches these boys and girls how to be responsible human beings, to value family, and friends and to prioritize education”, said the President of WCH.

After visiting the sports arena, the whole entourage proceeded to a marginalized community in Brasilia to distribute relief items (rice, canned goods and beans) spearheaded by Sultana Amor herself, Dr. Franco Nicoletti, Dr. Wellington Queiroz and Cavalier Victor Frascella.

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We at OSJ Knights of Malta and Gruppo Nicoletti are very happy in partnering with We Care for Humanity in philanthropic works in Brazil. Rest assured that for every positive business deals we make with the Princess; a portion of that proceeds will be given back to the community.”, a promised made by Dr. Franco Nicoletti.

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The above-mentioned organizations are working together to promote the Amazon Save the Earth project (ASE), a Climate Action project to preserve the Amazon backed by the United Nations and Brazil’s Ministry of Environment. The Traveling Princess, Maria Amor represents the ASE as Global Ambassador.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

WCH Pandemic Relief In Tamil Nadu, India Served More Than 5000 Vulnerable People

WCH Pandemic Relief in Tamil Nadu, India Served More than 5000 Vulnerable People

We Care for Humanity (WCH) championing UNSDG Zero Hunger during this pandemic period has served more than 5000 vulnerable people in different communities in Tamil Nadu, India starting June until November of this year.

The successful 14-day feeding program in India was headed by WCH India Regional Director, Logesh Dinasekaran and accompanied by diligent volunteers: WCH Ambassador – Mr. Rajasimhan, Someshwaran, Mohamed Sageth, Madhu Ganesh, Paul Samvel, Mohamed Asif, Ashiq, Chief. Rajasekar.

Dinasekaran, a young businessman from Chennai has been working with WCH since 2016 as a Humanitarian Ambassador and recently promoted as Regional Director for Tamil Nadu. “Our people in Tamil Nadu are very grateful to We Care for Humanity and HRH Sultana Princess Maria Amor for this Global Feeding Program. We were able to help our brothers who are dire need of help especially those who have no source of income and those living in the far-flung areas, unreachable by pandemic relief from the government”, Logesh expressed. “I also want to thank my father, mother and my wife who have supported me in this mission.”

The WCH Program “Fight Against Covid-19” which includes Global Feeding and PPE Donation served 14 countries including Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Tunisia, Yemen and Zambia.

“COVID-19 Global Pandemic has brought the world into its knees killing millions of people around world and has put more families below poverty lines. With unemployment and global hunger surging every nation, our organization has kept its mission intact, that is to advocate and innovate sustainable social developments and promote universal humanitarianism which includes feeding the hungry during this dark hour of our lives”, said the Founder and President of WCH, Sultana Princess Maria Amor Torres.

We Care for Humanity is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3), based in California and was founded by Sultana Princess Maria Amor in 2011. WCH is an internationally recognized organization dealing mainly with current global issues focusing on the eight (8) United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) such as: #1 No Poverty, #2 Zero Hunger #3 Good Health and Well Being, #4 Quality Education, #5 Gender Equality, #10 Reduced Inequality (Human Rights), #13 Climate Action, #16 Peace And Justice Strong Institutions.



Wednesday, March 28, 2018

WCH Donates Cash and Footwear to Maiti Foundation

Who doesn’t know CNN Hero Anuradha Koirala also known as “Diju”, a Nepalese term for elder sister. Anuradha received the prestigious Hero Award from CNN in 2010 for her unparalleled work for saving children, girls and women who were being trafficked within and from Nepal for commercial sexual exploitation. Koirala founded Maiti Nepal with the aim of providing services for both children and women who have endured untold pain and suffering, often in silence.

“It is a tremendous honor for me to meet Diju, ever since I saw her being honored at CNN Hero, I told myself I want to be like her, to make a difference in this world. She greatly inspired me especially it was during the time I founded We Care for Humanity (WCH), a non-profit organization which advocates Education, Health, Eradication of Poverty, Green Environment and Women Empowerment.”, said Princess Maria Amor Torres, Founder and President of WCH and Chairman of the Global Order of Dignitaries and Philanthropists (G.O.D.).

Fulfilling the mission of WCH, Amor and WCH India Advisor Chetan Hora brought hundreds of footwear to the children of Maiti Foundation. Along with relief goods, the Princess also donated some cash to augment some of the daily needs of the organization. “I am grateful to Princess Maria for giving time to visit our organization and bringing inspiration and hope to our children. These survivors have suffered a tremendous deal of pain, and they need your support and all the love and care they could get from people around the world.”, pleaded by Ms. Koirala.