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Saturday, May 11, 2024

Bai Laga sa Magindanaw, Princess Harjida Karon to be Honored as Woman of the Year at the PICC by WCH

We Care for Humanity (WCH) has announced the presentation of the Woman of the Year Award to HRH Princess Harjida Mastura Karon at the upcoming 6th WCH Royal Summit on October 5, 2024, at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

In preparation for this prestigious event, HRH Queen Maria Amor Leonor Torres Mastura, the revered founder of WCH and Chairperson of the Royal Summit, commended Princess Harjida with genuine admiration. She stated, "It is a great honor to recognize Princess Harjida with this award. Her steadfast commitment to global humanitarian efforts has made a significant impact on communities worldwide. Together, we will strive to promote universal humanitarianism and alleviate human suffering."

Harjida Mastura Karon is a distinguished individual whose lineage traces back to the noble heritage of Filipino royalty. Born on December 6, 1960, she carries the esteemed title of Bai Laga of Magindanaw, a position of honor and respect in royal community, the Sultanate of Magindanaw Mandanaue Darussalam. 

With a deep reverence for her heritage and a commitment to service, Harjida has dedicated herself to humanitarian endeavors that uplift her fellow Filipinos. Through her involvement with organizations like Sultan Kudarat Descendants of the Philippines, Alpha Sigma Phi International and We Care for Humanity, she works tirelessly to promote cultural preservation and community development. 

Harjida's philanthropic spirit extends beyond organizational affiliations. She has spearheaded numerous humanitarian activities, leaving a lasting impact on communities across Cotabato City, Sultan Kudarat, and Maguindanao. Whether it's providing assistance to Al Fardz Markadz in Cotabato City, supporting Al Noura Masjid in Katy Lebak Sultan Kudarat, or aiding the residents of Salimbao proper in Sultan Kudarat, Harjida's efforts have touched the lives of many. 

In addition to her humanitarian work, Princess Harjida has been recognized for her excellence in education. As the recipient of the Best Teacher award from Abu Dhabi National Oil Company School in Abu Dhabi in 2015, she has demonstrated a commitment to nurturing young minds and shaping the future.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Prominent Businessman, Shabbir Ghulam Receives Man of the Year Award from We Care for Humanity

We Care for Humanity is delighted to announce, Mr. Shabbir Ghulam as one of the recipients of Men of the Year Award at the WCH Royal Summit at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on 14th of August 2024. 

Queen Maria Amor Leonor Torres Mastura, the founder of WCH and Chairperson of the summit, extended her congratulations, stating, "We are privileged to present this award to Mr. Ghulam. His dedication to humanity has undoubtedly enriched the world. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with him for the advancement of global welfare."

Ghulam Shabbir, born in Pakistan, is a dynamic entrepreneur and dedicated humanitarian committed to making a positive impact in his community and beyond. With a passion for business and a heart for serving others, Shabbir's life story demonstrates his unrelenting commitment to charity work as well as professional accomplishment. 

As the Director of Capt Tarana welfare Trust / showroom and a dealer of prestigious brands such as Ferrari, Land Cruiser, and Mercedes, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the automotive industry, known for his integrity, expertise, and commitment to excellence.

His dedication to serving others has not gone unnoticed, earning him recognition and accolades such as the Best Businessman and Helping Hand Award. These awards are a testament to Ghulam Shabbir's commitment to excellence in both his professional and philanthropic endeavors. 

Despite his achievements, Ghulam Shabbir remains grounded in his belief in the importance of supporting underprivileged families and empowering individuals with disabilities. His biggest dream is to continue working towards creating a more inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

In summary, Ghulam Shabbir's life serves as an example of the strength of empathy and enterprise. His vision for entrepreneurship and commitment to humanitarian issues motivate others to pursue success while significantly improving the lives of those in need.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

The Royal Sultanate Of Maguindanao Crowns The Queen Of Maharlika International And Princess Of Calabarzon


The Royal Sultanate of Maguindanao Crowns the Queen of Maharlika International and Princess of Calabarzon

Video Link:

Succeeding the much talked about royal enthronement and Royal Maharlika Summit last 12th of December 2022 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel, organized by We Care for Humanity in collaboration with the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) and Philippine Economic Zone Authrority (PEZA), another enthronement was held at the heart of Davao city, at the renown Apo View Hotel last January 14, 2023, organized by the Royal Sultanate of Magindanaw, Mandanaue Darussalam, a member of the World Federation of Traditional Kings.

Maria Leonora Torres, the founder of We Care for Humanity, the Greatest Humanitarians of the World and the Royal Maharlika International was proclaimed twice in the above-mentioned events as Queen of Maharlika Philippines and as Princess of Calabarzon by the reigning Supreme Sultan of Magindanaw (Mindanao), His Majesty Sultan Salem Abdulazis Mastura Kudarat V, along with his cabinet members, the SKDOP Inc, and the Royal Ladies: HRH Royale Princess Febraida Mastura Matalam, the Royal Princess of Magindanaw, HRH Princess Harjida Mastura Karon, Bailaga sa Magindanaw and HRH Princess Jasma mastura Karon, Rajabai sa Magindanaw.

The glittering evening started solemnly with an invocation by Rajah Muda Marvin Ingkong– Rajahmuda of Sugudabuayan, followed by a lively Introduction by Datu Joel Bustamante– Davao Secretary General of the Sultanate of Magindanaw and Chairman of SKDOP in Davao. His Highness Datu Zukarnaine Mastura, President of Sultan Kudarat Descendants Organization of the Philippines (SKDOP), Inc. gave an inspiring Welcome Address while HRH Datu Muamar Mastura, the Crown Prince of the Sultanate of Magindanaw explained the Genealogy of the Sultanate (Tarsilla).

His Majesty Sultan Salem delivered enlightening words of wisdom and reiterates: “We at the Sultanate follow strictly the royal protocol handed to us by our ancestors, that only the highest leader of a sultanate with sovereign jurisdiction like ours can bestow royal titles to people of nobility, same bloodlines and individuals who have unprecedented humanitarian merits,” and added “Thus, I am very proud to confirm Maria Leonora Torres with Traditional titles as Queen of Maharlika International and Princess of Calabarzon.”

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The royal enthronee received messages of support from HRH Princess Febraida Mastura Matalam, Datu Rolando Abdul Aziz Olamit (MNLF Davao City State Chairman, Sultanate Region XI), Datu Abdulhamid Marvin Ingkong, Sultan Allan Manuel (Sultan of Davao), Sultan Datu Mosarel Daligdigan (Sultan Mangigin of Zamboanga Peninsula), Datu Dimalub Namil (Monari sa Magindanaw Biwang), Sultan Abdulrakman Maug (Sultan of Davao del Norte).

In her acceptance speech, the new Queen of Maharlika Intl and Princess Calabarzon said, “I am eternally grateful to His Majesty Sultan Salem and the whole Sultanate for the trust and confidence, and to the Royal ladies who showed me love and kindness during this whole process of organizing this event and knowing that I have new friends and sisters for life.” She ends by saying “mark my word, I will carry the banner of the sultanate, the SKDOP, the Royal Ladies and the SKYDOP to the United Nations”.

In the same event, the Royal Maharlika extended its philanthropic awards to His Majesty Sultan Salem as ROYAL MAN OF ASIA, to SKDOP as ROYAL ORGANIZATION OF ASIA, to the Royal Ladies as ROYAL WOMEN EMPOWERMENT ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR and to Sultan Kudarat Youth Descendants Organization (SKYDOP), Inc. as ROYAL YOUTH ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR. The awards were confirmed and signed by the 3rd President of Croatia, H.E. Ivo Josipovich and the former President of Ecuador, H.E. Rosalia Arteaga

Queen Maria wishes to thanks the following members of the Sultanate who attended the event:


1. Datu Abdulhamid Marvin Ingkong- Rajahmuda sa Sugudabuayan

2. Datu Odin Api

3. Datu Aheren Dambong

4. Datu Ramir Lacaba

5. Datu Khalipa

6. Datu Anjam

7. Bai Elyn ingkong- Putri sa Macador sa Magindanaw ( wife of Rajahmuda Marvin)


1. Princess Febraida Lauban Mastura Matalam- Royal Princess of Royal Sultanate of Magindanaw

2. Princess Jasma Mastura Karon- Rajahbai sa Magindanaw

3. Princess Harjida Mastura Karon- Bai Laga sa Magindanaw

4. Bai Susan S. Samad- Bai Labi sa meti sa MaMagindanaw

5. Bai Mila Mastura Maulana- Bai Labi sa Lakungan

6. Bai Hanna Abubakar- Bai Manguda Timan sa Kutawato, Magindanaw

7. Bai Sadie Samal- Royal lady of Magindanaw

8. Engr. Bai Meriam Dimalen- Putri sa Baruin

9. Bai Helen B. Ayao- Bai Pindulonan sa Magindanaw

10. Bai Jovaira Kamid- Bai Sampulna sa Dumolog

11. Bai Anabelle Sultan Esmael- Shariah lawyer

12. Bai Norah Mamariong- Shariah lawyer

13. Bai Linang Dimacompas- Bai Labi sa Parang Padang, Padang

14. Bai Monera Abas Sinsuat- Putri Babak sa Dikaya, Kabuntalan

15. Bai Neelah K. Sinsuat

16. Bai Sittie Normina- Bai Labi sa Buldon

17. Bai azisa Insani Lauban

18. Bai Lorenda Angas Mastura

19. Bai Baican Datu Taba

20. Bai Jusol Asiquin Mastura

21. Bai Hajar Mastura

22. Bai Alee Mastura

23. Miss Josephine Braceros Camsa

24. Bai Alibai Tecoken

25. Bai Bessie Tatak Utto-Rajah Putri sa LLakungan sa Buayan

26. Bai Gloria Lauban-Putri ng Kabuntalan


1. Sultan Salem Abdulazis Salem Mastura kudarat V- the 25th Sultan of Magindanaw

2. Datu Muammar D. Mastura- Crown Prince of Magindanaw, Chairman of Genealogy and Screening Committee 

3. Datu Zulkarnaine D. Mastura- SKDOP President

4. Datu Habib Mastura- SKDOP Secretary General

5. Engr. datu Abubacar M. Datumanong

6. Datu Guiambangan Asim- Former Director of Post Office

7. Datu jordan Abas Sinsuat- Datu Dikaya III

8. Prof. Dr. abubakar Ali- Datu sa Slangan

9. Dr. Amor Pendaliday, Phd

10. Datu Abdulgani Abubakar- Datu Manguda Timan sa Kutawato Magindanaw

11. Datu Edris Diocolano- Watamama Sanday

12. Datu Fred Uy- Marajalaida sa Salmen Magindanaw

13. Datu Carnain Sabpa- Datu sa Lama-lama

14. Datu Jerry Obregon- Datu sa Obial, Kalamansig 

15. Datu Romeo Sampiano

16. Datu Dianalan Alandoni- Amerol sa Serupa sa Magindanaw

17. Datu Nor-Husain Matalam

18. Datu datun Lauban Mastura

19. Datu Benzar D. Mastura

20. Datu Muba D. Mastura

21. Sultan Allan Manuel from Mati Davao Oriental

22. Sultan Abdulralman Maug- Davao del Norte

23. Bai Sonia- Bai Labi sa Region 11

24. Sultan Abdul Mawla Camamara III- Davao City

25. Sultan Abdul Baser Dowani Bago- Davao City

26. Datu Joel Bustamante- Secretary General, Region 11

27. Datu Larry Cobauio- Overall Datu, Region 11

28. Datu Morsalin Vicente- Overall All Datu, Mati

29. Datu Muktar Naga- Davao del sur

30. Datu Abdul Gafur Pandian- Consultant of Sultanate, Region 11

31. Hon. Jaynor Macadawan- Political Consultant, Regional 11

32. Commissioner Dalisay Macadawan- NCMF Women Sector

33. Deputy Nicanor Bobby Mohammad- deputy Mayor Kagan tribe Davao City

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The First Royal Maharlika Summit Emerged Triumphantly In The Philippines

The First Royal Maharlika Summit Emerged Triumphantly in the Philippines
The Paramount Sultana of Royal Maharlika, HRH Sultana Mariam Amor Torres Mastura
The 2022 summit includes the Royal Enthronement, Maharlika Business Forum and Royal Maharlika Awards. Royalty and politicians from all over the world converged in Manila for this prestigious event held at the cultural oasis of the Sofitel Philippine Plaza overlooking the Manila Bay.

An event of immense international proportions was held in Manila on December 12, 2022, by We Care for Humanity Global, a non-profit organization based in United States, in collaboration with the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), the Royal Maharlika Summit & Awards and the Royal Enthronement was a huge success!

The 2022 summit includes the Royal Enthronement, Maharlika Business Forum and Royal Maharlika Awards. Royalty and politicians from all over the world converged in Manila for this prestigious event held at the cultural oasis of the Sofitel Philippine Plaza overlooking the Manila Bay.

Video Link:

DOT Undersecretary Myra Paz Valderrosa-Abubakar opens the festivity with a welcoming speech, “the Royal Maharlika Summit comes at the most auspicious time, as we herald to the world that the Philippines is back in business and that our country is ready to receive tourists and investments. Our message is simple, the Philippines is a good place to invest, an opportunity to rip the benefits of a vibrant economy.”

Video Link:

Ascended the thrones from the Royal House of Maguindanao were Her Royal Highness Sultana Mariam Amor Torres Mastura a.k.a. The Traveling PrincessÔ or best known as just “Maria Amor”, chairman of the Greatest Humanitarians of the World, and another Princess from the Mastura clan. The enthronement was solemnized by His Majesty Sultan Colonel Nasser Pendatun Sr., the Paramount Sultan of the Sultanate of Talik who sanctified the two Paramount Sultanas of Maharlika and the two Rajanatas of Minsupala.

Prior this ceremony, Maria Amor has been crowned as Princess of Baloi; Sultana Bae A Gaus of Minsupala; Adopted daughter of the 16 royal houses of Ranao; Bae Insalilay and Bae Naylaladladad by the Tribal Government of the Philippines and Higaonan Tribe; Amazon Princess of the Kingdom of Dahomey, Benin; Princess of Jambi Kingdom Indonesia, and Ambassador of the Kings Forum of Uganda. Sultana Maria Amor is truly an international royalty!

No description available.

The Royal Maharlika Awards honored individuals or who possess greatness and excellence in the fields of philanthropy, science, arts, business, and diplomacy. It is a brotherhood of peacebuilders and protectors of the earth and is founded by HRH Sultana Maria Amor. Among the luminaries honored that evening were Dr. Abdallah Sharif (Austria), Dr. Udit Raj (India), Dr. Rahul Varma (India), Hon. Kennedy Musyoka (Kenya), H.E. Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka (Kenya), Ms. Rebecca Padilla (Philippines), Commissioner Yusoph Mando (Philippines), Ms. Rosemarie Basa (Philippines), Datu Danny Mangahas (Philippines), Hon. Judge Mihai Nedelcu (Romania), Mr. Juliean Hornet (Romania), Mr. Sean Bardoo (USA) and Atty. Jeffrey Jackson (USA).

A royal induction of Cabinet Members was also performed and officiated the following exceptional individuals: Commissioner Yusoph Mando, Datu Danny Mangahas, Comm. Albert Dela, Col. Abdulsalam Donald Hongitan, Atty. Jordan Bowen, Mr. Hoa Lam- Datu, Abraham Abdullah, Heria Singon, Colleen Elizabeth Zamora, Princess Narvaisa Victoria Pendatun, Sittie Hafiza Maria Eden Zamora, Sittie Nhoor Honggitan, Shariffa Mastura, Nanielyn E Tagala and Huong Vo.

The Royal Maharlika Business Forum is a jewel with many facets including healthcare; infrastructure; information technology; agriculture; energy, and United Nations Sustainable Goals, in conjunction with PEZA represented by Mrs. Tasneem Eshmael, the Chief Corporate Communications DC. In her keynote speech, she explained the advantages of investing in the Philippines as well as the benefits of being a PEZA member.

Presenters from worldwide consisted of Alvin Pelobello for IPs Village; Udelix Gas & Oil, Ms. Rosemarie Basa for Housing Projects in the Philippines; Dr. Abdallah Sharif for Acexa Cluster and UN organization cooperation; Mr. Juliean Hornet for eHornet renewable energy; Atty. Jeffrey Jackson for immigration and job opportunities in USA; His Majesty King Constantine Mwogezi for business exchange, Hon. Udit Raj for Global Business Forum, Daria Aleksandra Pazura for trading opportunity on skincare; Rebecca Padilla for Vanilla dream project.

The summit ended with a vow from its founder that she will extend the mission and vision of the Royal Maharlika to the world not just in the Philippines. 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

The Traveling Princess Judged The Successful 6th Roma Gastronomic Festival In Sibiu Romania

The Traveling Princess Judged the Successful 6th Roma Gastronomic Festival in Sibiu Romania
Sultana Princess Maria Amor and Mr. Mihai Nedelcu

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Last stop of Sultana Maria Amor’s Balkan and Europe tour, she spent three days in Sibiu, Romania upon the invitation of CEIR founder and president, Mr. Mihai Nedelcu, who is also the paternal figure to the Roma people living in Sibui.

The jovial festivity happens every year with the mission to promote the Roma culture and food. Many members of the community gathered in their traditional clothing and celebrated the event with all-day music, dancing and array of abundant traditional food and delicacy.

Maria Amor Torres, founder of We Care for Humanity gave her opinion of her visit; “it was my first time to visit Romania and spend time with Roma people, but I received a tremendous kindness and hospitality, especially from the family of Mr. Nedelcu. I want to give them my unwavering thanks especially for inviting me to be part of this very important cultural festival”. In addition, she continues, “I congratulate all the contestants especially the winners of this cooking contest, every sumptuous entry presented is obviously done with utmost love and care, the Roma way. Everything is delicious and stunning; the Roma food is undeniably a world class cuisine!”. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Amortorres Paintings Valued At Usd10000 Sold At Art Auction In Brazil

Amortorres Paintings Valued at USD10000 Sold at Art Auction in Brazil
Amortorres sold four (4) of her abstract paintings at the festive event of the Himalaya Peace Caravan, Brazil organized by We Care for Humanity, Gruppo Nicoletti, Queiroz Advogados and Academia Internacional de Cultura (AIC) at Cota Mil Clube in Brasilia, last August 6, 2022.

Video Link:

The Sultana of the Royal House of Maguindanao and founder of We Care for HumanityMaria Amor Torres Mastura, also known by her artist name as Amortorres raised funds for her charity by auctioning four of her Abstract collection. 

According to Mr. Luiz de Alcantara“informal art and figurative expressionism are married in the artistic work of Sultana Princess Maria Amor. Her paintings offer a visual experience composed of great aesthetic effects, thanks to the lines and shapes observed in her works produced with volumes and materials of liquefied appearances. The predominant colors are warm and connote with the mysteries of the earth. A generic message emerges from her works that exerts a direct influence on the human soul, touched in its most sensitive points. The artist Amortorres travels and explores in depth the Eastern and Western creative universes with the intention of promoting art and harmony between different cultures”.  Luiz de Alcântara holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels which develops activities in the areas of theory and practice of fine arts and industrial arts.

Dr. Wellington Queiroz of the Queiroz Advogados and Gruppo Nicolettii  acted as the dynamic auctioneer who had won the interests of the audience and made a breakthrough by selling all the four Amortorres paintings. The generous bidders who won the auction were Dr. Sargento Paulo, a revered politician and Dr Lúcia Cristina, a successful lawyer, both from Brasilia. 

Amortorres herself was ecstatic at the outcome and thanked everyone who contributed to the success of the event, especially the above-mentioned partners, Dr. Franco Nicoletti, founder of Gruppo Nicoletti, the former president of Ecuador- H.E. Rosalia Arteaga, the organizer- Aria Travel Intelligence headed by Iva Evangelista, emcee- Lucas Carvalho, Alexandre Augusto Honorio, Gabriela Magalhaes, Keveni Guedes Santos, Maxwell Santos and Matteo. 



Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Sultana Maria Amor Receives Citizen Of The World For Peace Award From Academia Internacional De Cultura Of Brazil

Sultana Maria Amor Receives Citizen of the World for Peace Award from Academia Internacional de Cultura of Brazil
Princess Maria Amor receives the Certificate of Citizen of the World for Peace Award from the Acedemia Institucion de Cultura (AIDC)

Video Link:

The founder of We Care for HumanitySultana Princess Maria Amor Torres has received once again another prestigious award from one of the highly revered associations in Brazil, the Academia Internacional de Cultura (AIDC)

This particular award, Citizen of the World, was once bestowed to the first lady of Brazil, Her Excellency Michelle Bolsonaro. This year, the Sultana of the Royal House of Maguindanao had the honor of garnering the award for her impact on peace and humanitarianism.

“It is our privilege to deliver this tribute as Citizen of the World for Peace to the Princess of the Philippines, Sultana Maria Amor Torres for all the work she has been doing all over the world. We thank her for coming to Brazil to spread peace and philanthropy, and we wish her all the very best and successes for her humanitarian programs globally.”, states Ms. Shirley Pontes, the president of AIDC as she handed the award to the Princess. Along her side awarding the diploma are the officers and members of the association: Raquel Verano, Cida Carvalho, Clotilde Chaparro, Nívea Cruz, Aneris Alves, Marli Viana, Rosa Rego, Mathilde Torres and Tânia Gomes.

In gratitude, Maria states, “this is such a great honor and inspiration receiving this award, it means so much to me that AIDC recognizes my work towards peace among mankind. This will be a constant reminder to me to be better in delivering peace and philanthropy better than yesterday, that the world is watching me fulfill my commitment to make a difference everyday.” The Princess also thanked the presence of Her Excellency Rosalia  Arteaga, former President and Vice President of Ecuador who graced the awarding.

The tribute was held during the celebration of the Himalaya Peace Caravan at Cota Mil Clube last August 6, 2022, organized by We Care for Humanity, Gruppo Nicoletti, Queiroz Advogados, Knights of Malta do Brazil and the AIDC.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Food, Fashion And Beauty At The Philippines-vietnam Fair And Amortorres Art Exhibition Convened Successfully

Food, Fashion and Beauty at the Philippines-Vietnam Fair and Amortorres Art Exhibition Convened Successfully

Video Link:

The grand event was organized by the Bliss Mimosa Beauty Corporation Limited, headed by Ms. Ly Thao Ky and Mr. David Vu, and attended by Sultana Maria Amor Torres, founder and president of We Care for Humanity, a US based non-profit organization, the Royals of Mindanao and representatives from the embassies of Vietnam, Spain and Philippines.

The spectacular event was filled with product exhibitions and exchanges, fashion shows by talented Filipino and Vietnamese designers, live performances and an Art Exhibition by Amortorres, the artist name of Maria Amor, the Sultana from the Royal House of Maguindanao in real life. 

Amortorres has featured abstract paintings of spewing volcanoes using acrylic and resin. She got her inspiration from Taal volcano of the Philippines and the Kawah Ijen volcano of Indonesia. Among the notable spectators who graced her exhibition were Ms. Rosemarie Basa, chairwoman of Worldcity Development Corporation and former president of CREBA; former Congressman Cris Gotladera; Princess Ishazy Amor Mastura and Princess Noor, both sister and cousin of Sultana Maria Amor from the Royal House of Maguindanao and Mrs. Ninpha Gatdula, a marketing expert. Also Sultana’s family, the Torreses, joined the occasion to support the matriarch of the family.

“I highly commend Ms. Ly Thao Ky for executing this wonderful program in our country which helps strengthen the bond between the Philippines and Vietnam not only politically, socially but economically as well. We are two different cultures with many similarities in food, beauty and in arts. By merging our goals and resources, we create significant impacts to both nations. It is my deepest wish for her mission to flourish, to empower more women in businesses and collectively contribute to humanity.”, a statement from the Sultana.

Ms. Ky represents We Care for Humanity as Country Director in Vietnam, and has been helping the Sultana distribute relief supplies to the poor communities in Vietnam especially during the height of the pandemic.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

We Care For Humanity Adopted A Primary School In India

Harmonizing with UNSDG4-Quality Education, WCH launched the “Godmother Program”, a platform that provides financial support to marginalized schools.

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We Care for Humanity Adopted a Primary School in IndiaThe founder of We Care for Humanity (WCH)Sultana Maria Amor Torres traveled to Puducherry, India to fulfill her commitment to the Little Angels Junior Primary School to be its second mother.

The Godmother program is a new Education program of WCH wherein we adopt marginalized schools by means of giving them financial support on regular basis to sustain their status or aid their critical financial situations and even uplift the economic condition of the school.”, explained by Torres. She added, “schools who qualify as our adoptees are those you may consider very poor, most often located in far flung areas in developing countries, and experiencing economic hardships, that when we come in. We not only offer financial support but other sustainable solutions so they can keep the schools going and the children are guaranteed to receive education.

Maria was accompanied by WCH Regional Director, Logesh Dhanasekaran and WCH Humanitarian Ambassador, Rajasimhan Murugavel on a 10-hour roundtrip from Chennai to Karaikal. “We are so proud of the work of WCH all over the world and even more grateful for the accomplishment of WCH that’s being carried-out in our area. As the WCH Regional Director in Tamil Nadu, it will be my duty to ensure that our WCH’s mission and vision are being implemented well and we impact the community in the most effective way,” said Dhanasekaran.

Little Angels Junior Primary School is a government approved school with affordable fees to ensure many students attain education from poor financial background. “We are grateful to Princess Maria Amor and We Care for Humanity, if not for them we would have totally lost the license to operate the school,” explained Mrs. Sumathy Thirupathy, the founder of the school. “We were able to solve the issues of improving the public toilet of the school, as well as paying the government fees to continue our operation. And now that WCH is our permanent Godmother who will support us every step of the way, it’s only fitting that we name the school after Princess Maria,” she proudly added.

The school is now named Princess Maria Amor Little Angels Primary School, located in Kairakal, Puducherry, and currently catering to 100 students. The school provides food for the students and other support other than education. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Founder Of WCH Visits The Children’s Cancer Hospital In Egypt


We Care for Humanity donated cash and toys to the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Cairo, Egypt and promises to come back to hold a fundraising Art Exhibit by Amortorres at the hospital itself.

Video Link:

Unstoppable and tireless, the founder of We Care for Humanity (WCH)Sultana Princess Maria Amor Torres made an appearance at the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 in Cairo, Egypt, where she distributed toys and made a small cash donation for the hospital’s causes.

Founder of WCH Visits the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt
"Princess Maria and a cancer
 patient posing the WCH heart logo."

Maria, also known as the Traveling Princess, is on her 4th visit to Egypt. In the past, her organization have implemented various humanitarian programs such as Global Santa feeding programs, distribution of PPE’s (face masks and face shields) during the height of Covid-19, and distribution of blankets to homeless people during winter, usually headed by WCH Publicity Ambassador for Egypt, Mr. Wagdy Youssef.


Photo Credit: Wagdy Yousef

The hospital’s Public Relations officer, Mr. Ahmed Abd al Manaem Mohamed Morsy gave the Sultana a tour of the whole hospital and showcased the Art department where artists and patients can practice painting and even hold exhibits for fundraising purposes, thus, giving the Princess an idea to hold an Art exhibit in the future for the benefit of the cancer hospital for children. “I promise to come back to this hospital and when I do, I will raise funds to help aid our vulnerable sick children. They need all the hopes and support we can give them, and I want to make sure We Care for Humanity contributes to this,” teary-eyed statement of WCH Founder.