Wednesday, January 15, 2020

WCH 4th Annual Free Medical Camp Helped Senior Citizens And Children

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Another successful medical initiative was conducted in Dharmapuram Village in Tamil Nadu last 12th of January 2020.

The camp was organized by the 3 WCH Humanitarian Ambassadors namely Mr. Logesh Dhanasekaran, Mr. Rajasimhan Murugavel, and Dr. Naveen Nagarajen under the banner of We Care for Humanity.

With the help and support of Mrs. Vasanthi Dhanasekaran, mother of Mr. Logesh, the camp was able to serve almost 200 senior citizens and children combined.

Among the volunteers are Mr.Gopinath, Mr.Gokul & Mr. Balaji.

It is such a great feeling to be able to serve the needy people by the beginning of the year, it means all year round we will be helping more people which is our biggest achievement and fulfillment. I also want to thank my brothers by heart, Dr. Naveen and Mr. Raja for doing this noble work with me for the 4th year time.” – Logesh Dhanasekaran

Sultana Princess Maria Amor, founder of We Care for Humanity (WCH) expressed her gratitude to the Ambassadors: “I am so proud of our Humanitarian Ambassadors’ dedication to this Free Medical Camp in India. They are the most consistent humanitarians who are deeply committed to improving the health of underprivileged people in the community.” – Sultana Maria

*WCH is an internationally recognized organization dealing mainly with current global issues focusing on the seven (7) United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) such as: #1 NO POVERTY, #3 GOOD HEALTH AND WELL BEING, #4 QUALITY EDUCATION, #5 GENDER EQUALITY, #10 REDUCED INEQUALITY (HUMAN RIGHTS), #13 CLIMATE ACTION, #16 PEACE AND JUSTICE STRONG INSTITUTIONS. 

Khen Rinpoche Phurba Dorjee Leads We Care For Humanity In Nepal

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We Care for Humanity (WCH) continues to flourish around the world. In collaboration with Zamling Buddha Foundation (ZBF), WCH founder, HM Sultana Princess Maria Amor Torres Mastura had a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Signing with 7th G.O.D. Awards Champion of Peace and Humanity, Venerable Khen Rinpoche Phurba Dorjee.

The MOU comprises the formation of the WCH Nepal branch and the development goals it will undertake under its banner such Education, Health & Wellness, Poverty Alleviation and Youth and Children Empowerment.

The ceremony which was conducted last January 12, 2020 at Sang Restaurant & Bar in Kathmandu, Nepal, also celebrated the opening of the Zamling Foundation, a newly formed organization chaired by the Venerable Lama.

Nepal and Indian celebrities, educators, including elders and students attended the auspicious gathering.

Venerable Rinpoche Phurba Dorjee has a long track record of successful initiatives guided by his spiritual leadership and natural altruism. His compassion to the less fortunate especially the children and elders is extraordinary, there is not a single doubt that he is more than fit to fill-in the position as Country Director of WCH Nepal. WCH is very blessed to have him.” – Sultana Princess Maria Amor

The newly appointed Country Director also gave his statement: “In this chaotic world, people are engaging in war, violence, aggression, hatred and killing each other. It’s a very sad reality but we don’t need to kill people and die. We cannot survive and live happily, successfully without others so let’s build and share unity, equality, friendship, love and peace.” – Rinpoche Phurba Dorjee

Khen Rinpoche wears many caps: he is a film maker, producer and CEO of Vajrakilya Productions. Recently, he formed the Himalaya Peace Foundation in India and he is also one of the founders of the Himalaya Peace Caravan in partnership with Sultana Maria which will take off this February 2020 to Mexico.

Rinpoche Phurba Dorjee spends time between India and Nepal but mostly dispersing his philanthropic prowess in Kathmandu.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

G.O.D. Asia’s Humanitarian Icon Kimly Lim Heads WCH Branch In Cambodia

"H.E. Kimly Lim and husband during
 the inauguration of he new house
 and office of WCH"
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Mrs. Kimly Lim, the newly appointed WCH Country Director in Cambodia

 For We Care for Humanity (WCH), Christmas is not only a glorious Christian holiday- a yuletide and gift-giving season, but also the birth of WCH Cambodia branch! December 25, 2020 was the day of the successful Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signing between WCH Founder and President, H.M. Sultana Princess Maria Amor Torres and one of the revered philanthropists of Cambodia, Mrs. Kimly Lim. Set at the iconic hotel of Phnom Penh, Hotel Cambodiana, the said event was attended by various local women NGOs, government officials, visitors from the Philippines, the WCH Philippines Branch headed by its Country Director and Deputy, and different media and press.

Elated and proud, Sultana stated, “WCH’s future in Cambodia is bright under the leadership of Mrs. Kimly Lim. She has a proven track record as a humanitarian activist and a passionate advocate of peace and women empowerment. She is a mother to all; I have no doubt that she will nurture WCH as much as she does to her own children.”

MOA Signing witnessed by Mr. Vireakvitou, Dr. Dararath, local NGO’s and delegates from Philippines

The newly appointed WCH Country Director Lim grew up in Kampong Som City (Sihanouk Ville Province) and has a master’s degree in social science.  After her father died during the war in 1952, she provided for the family, up to the extent of giving-up her education to help her mother raise her siblings in the middle of turmoil in Cambodia.
Kimly used her life adversities and sufferings as motivation to work harder not only for her family but for also for her countrymen. Seeing the situation of poverty, violence and inequality around her she vowed to make a difference especially in women and children’s lives.
In 2001 she founded the Family Agricultural Development Community with the mission to uplift the lives of the poor families, provide livelihood, skills & vocational trainings on agriculture, water sanitation and protecting the environment, and to support women and children with education.

Mrs. Kimly is known for many humanitarian contributions, among that stand-out are her Peace and Development Projects: construction of schools, health center, village road, pounds, water wells, etc., which is amounting to USD 20,000 to 30,000 a year. She has been supporting at least 37 poor families to have normal living and well-being; she regularly supports more than 150 people with food and rice during Khmer New Year and Pyum Ben Ceremony which is also amounting to USD 30,000 each year. And as patriot, she assists during election as an observer to maintain peace and order.

In the past, Mrs. Lim has received the following awards and accolades:

Humanitarian Icon of Asia by G.O.D. Awards, 2019

Appointment as Advisor to the Ministry of Religion Affairs with the rank of equivalent to the Under Secretary of State by the Royal Government of Cambodia, 2019

Messenger of Peace by IWPG, 2018

Moha Serey Wath Medal from the King of the Kingdom of Cambodia, 2014

Medal of Muny Saphoan, the level of  Moha Sena from the King of the Kingdom of Cambodia, 2007 

When asked about her ultimate dream Kimly Lim says, “I dream for my country to have strong social and economic progress; for the Cambodian people to live happy, healthy and no poverty, and for the children to have quality education and become good citizen of the world. I dream for a peaceful world without discrimination, violence and inequalities.