Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Founder Of WCH Visits The Children’s Cancer Hospital In Egypt


We Care for Humanity donated cash and toys to the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Cairo, Egypt and promises to come back to hold a fundraising Art Exhibit by Amortorres at the hospital itself.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/TNH6-WxKf1Q

Unstoppable and tireless, the founder of We Care for Humanity (WCH)Sultana Princess Maria Amor Torres made an appearance at the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 in Cairo, Egypt, where she distributed toys and made a small cash donation for the hospital’s causes.

Founder of WCH Visits the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Egypt
"Princess Maria and a cancer
 patient posing the WCH heart logo."

Maria, also known as the Traveling Princess, is on her 4th visit to Egypt. In the past, her organization have implemented various humanitarian programs such as Global Santa feeding programs, distribution of PPE’s (face masks and face shields) during the height of Covid-19, and distribution of blankets to homeless people during winter, usually headed by WCH Publicity Ambassador for Egypt, Mr. Wagdy Youssef.


Photo Credit: Wagdy Yousef

The hospital’s Public Relations officer, Mr. Ahmed Abd al Manaem Mohamed Morsy gave the Sultana a tour of the whole hospital and showcased the Art department where artists and patients can practice painting and even hold exhibits for fundraising purposes, thus, giving the Princess an idea to hold an Art exhibit in the future for the benefit of the cancer hospital for children. “I promise to come back to this hospital and when I do, I will raise funds to help aid our vulnerable sick children. They need all the hopes and support we can give them, and I want to make sure We Care for Humanity contributes to this,” teary-eyed statement of WCH Founder.

Monday, April 4, 2022

We Care For Humanity Feeds 100 Families At The Shubra Mint Village In Giza Egypt

 WCH continues its Global Santa Program in Egypt and feeds 100 marginalized families and children at Shubra Mint Village

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/HXzLxBB09OM

On her recent humanitarian tour, the founder of We Care for HumanitySultana Princess Maria Amor also known as the Traveling Princess made a stop in Egypt and extended her global feeding program which is the WCH Global Santa. With the help of her team, one of Cairo’s prominent journalists, Wagdy Yousef and his family organized a feeding program at the Shubra Mint Village in Giza.

Feeding almost 100 families, the princess was very happy to execute the feeding program herself which are usually implemented by her appointed directors all over the world. “I am very excited to be back to traveling again, I believe in personalizing the work we are doing to impact humanity better,” explains the princess.

Maria, who’s traveling was put on hold for more than 2 years because of the pandemic is now taking the world by storm by spreading WCH’s various humanitarian programs such as, feeding, relief donations, adopting marginalized schools and many more.

The Shubra Mint Villagers especially the children sent their gratitude along with their sweetest smiles for the support they received from the Traveling Princess and We Care for Humanity.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

The Traveling Princess Visits The Varjao Association Of Sports And Culture For The Youth In Brasilia

The Traveling Princess Visits the Varjao Association of Sports and Culture for the Youth in Brasilia
The Founder of WCH, Princess Maria Amor with the youth of ASVEC in Brasilia, Brazil
We Care for Humanity extended support to ASVEC and conducted relief distribution in collaboration with the OSJ Knights of Malta a nd Gruppo Nicoletti

On her 3rd day in Brazil, Sultana Princess Maria Amor, the founder of We Care for Humanity visited the ASVEC Associacao Varjao Esporte E Cultura (Varjao Association of Sports and Culture), organized by Gruppo Nicoletti and Queiroz Avogados.

The visit started with a small introduction from their CEO, Ms. Juliana Ferreira Alves and a presentation of sports by the children and youth at their studio; followed by a tour at the football arena where the Princess kicked the ball and made a goal!

“I commend the mission of ASVEC to empower the youth in their community, to save them from unpleasant vices like drugs, alcohol, dangerous activities on the streets, and violence. ASVEC teaches these boys and girls how to be responsible human beings, to value family, and friends and to prioritize education”, said the President of WCH.

After visiting the sports arena, the whole entourage proceeded to a marginalized community in Brasilia to distribute relief items (rice, canned goods and beans) spearheaded by Sultana Amor herself, Dr. Franco Nicoletti, Dr. Wellington Queiroz and Cavalier Victor Frascella.

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We at OSJ Knights of Malta and Gruppo Nicoletti are very happy in partnering with We Care for Humanity in philanthropic works in Brazil. Rest assured that for every positive business deals we make with the Princess; a portion of that proceeds will be given back to the community.”, a promised made by Dr. Franco Nicoletti.

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The above-mentioned organizations are working together to promote the Amazon Save the Earth project (ASE), a Climate Action project to preserve the Amazon backed by the United Nations and Brazil’s Ministry of Environment. The Traveling Princess, Maria Amor represents the ASE as Global Ambassador.