Monday, April 4, 2022

We Care For Humanity Feeds 100 Families At The Shubra Mint Village In Giza Egypt

 WCH continues its Global Santa Program in Egypt and feeds 100 marginalized families and children at Shubra Mint Village

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On her recent humanitarian tour, the founder of We Care for HumanitySultana Princess Maria Amor also known as the Traveling Princess made a stop in Egypt and extended her global feeding program which is the WCH Global Santa. With the help of her team, one of Cairo’s prominent journalists, Wagdy Yousef and his family organized a feeding program at the Shubra Mint Village in Giza.

Feeding almost 100 families, the princess was very happy to execute the feeding program herself which are usually implemented by her appointed directors all over the world. “I am very excited to be back to traveling again, I believe in personalizing the work we are doing to impact humanity better,” explains the princess.

Maria, who’s traveling was put on hold for more than 2 years because of the pandemic is now taking the world by storm by spreading WCH’s various humanitarian programs such as, feeding, relief donations, adopting marginalized schools and many more.

The Shubra Mint Villagers especially the children sent their gratitude along with their sweetest smiles for the support they received from the Traveling Princess and We Care for Humanity.

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