Sunday, April 28, 2024

Renowned Jeweler, Gulzair Khan Receives Crown as Man of the Year at the WCH Royal Summit in Las Vegas

We Care for Humanity (WCH) is happy to announce, Mr. Gulzair Khan as one of the recipients of the Men of the Year Award at the WCH Royal Summit at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on 14th of August 2024.

Queen Maria Amor Leonor Torres Mastura, the founder of WCH and Chairperson of the summit, extended her congratulations, stating, "We are privileged to present this award to Mr. Khan. His dedication to humanity has undoubtedly enriched the world. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with him for the advancement of global welfare."

Born in Pakistan, Khan Gulzar symbolizes enthusiasm and determination in his professional and personal endeavors. In his roles as Director and Project Manager at Al Asif Jewellers and Capt Tarana Privilege Club, Khan is in charge of several programes that promote community involvement and corporate success. 

However, Khan's true passion lies in humanitarian work, where he channels his energy towards supporting orphaned children and marginalized communities. Through his leadership, Khan has organized numerous children's health camps, providing essential medical care to those in need. He has also been actively involved in disaster relief efforts, offering assistance during times of crisis, and distributing food to vulnerable populations, ensuring no one goes hungry. 

Khan's steadfast commitment to philanthropy has garnered recognition both locally and internationally. He has been honored with prestigious awards such as the CTPT Award and the title of Youngest Philanthropist, underscoring his dedication to making a positive impact in the world. 

Beyond accolades, Khan's biggest dream is to establish an orphanage, providing a safe and nurturing environment for orphaned children to thrive. His motto, "To build orphanage," serves as a guiding principle, driving his efforts to create a better future for those less fortunate. 

In addition to his professional and humanitarian pursuits, Khan finds joy in simple pleasures, including traveling and spending quality time with his loved ones. His compassion, resilience, and steadfast commitment to making a difference serve as an inspiration to all who know him.

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