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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Multi-awarded Humanitarian, Kimly Lim to be Invested as Royal Maharlika Cabinet Member Representing Cambodia

The Royal House of Luzon Tagalog, also known as the Royal Maharlika, is delighted to announce Mrs. Kimly Lim,as the appointed Royal Maharlika Cabinet Member and Ambassador of the Sultanate of Magindanaw in Cambodia. The Royal Investiture ceremony is scheduled to take place during the WCH Royal Summit at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on August 14, 2024.

Queen Maria Amor Leonor Torres Mastura, the founder of WCH and Chairperson of the summit, extended her congratulations, stating, "We are privileged to present this appointment to Ms. Lim. Her dedication to humanity has undoubtedly enriched the world. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with her for the advancement of global welfare."

Kimly Lim, a distinguished figure in the realm of humanitarianism, serves as the Director General of the Farmer Agriculture Development Community, a grassroots NGO based in Cambodia. 

Born into a modest family, Lim Kimly has dedicated her life to uplifting the underprivileged and advocating for social equity. With a daughter, Koemno Chhoeng, and a son, Chhoueng Veasna, Lim Kimly's family has always been her pillar of strength. 

Lim, continues to lead by example, embodying the values of compassion, honesty, transparency, kindness, and social equity. Lim Kimly's remarkable humanitarian endeavors include providing food assistance to 1500 impoverished villagers, offering shelter, food, and clean drinking water to families affected by natural disasters such as flooding and drought, and facilitating access to education for youth in rural areas through financial support. 

Recognized for her outstanding contributions, Lim Kimly has been honored with prestigious awards such as the Kris Awards from WCH and the Mohasena Awards from the Royal Government of Cambodia.

Looking ahead, Lim Kimly remains committed to expanding the reach of her philanthropic efforts. With a focus on social protection for vulnerable populations and empowering women, she envisions a future where every individual has access to the support and resources they need to thrive. Lim Kimly's dedication to serving her community serves as an inspiration to all.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Revered Businessman, Mr. Agha Safdar Dahlwi to be Crowned as Man of the Year at the WCH Royal Summit Las Vegas

We Care for Humanity is delighted to announce, Mr. Agha Safdar Dahlwi as one of the recipients of Men of the Year Award at the WCH Royal Summit at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on 14th of August 2024. 

Queen Maria Amor Leonor Torres Mastura, the founder of WCH and Chairperson of the summit, extended her congratulations, stating, "We are privileged to present this award to Mr. Dahlwi. His dedication to humanity has undoubtedly enriched the world. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with him for the advancement of global welfare."

Agha Safdar Dahlwi, born in Pakistan, is a multifaceted individual whose life is dedicated to both entrepreneurial success and humanitarian endeavors. With a passion for business and a heart for serving the less fortunate, Agha Safdar Dahlwi's life story is one of ambition, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of making a positive impact on society. 

From an early age, Agha exhibited an entrepreneurial spirit, driven by a desire to create opportunities for employment and empowerment. As the CEO of an overseas employment agency and a prominent businessman, he has played a pivotal role in connecting individuals with meaningful employment opportunities, lifting them out of poverty and providing them with a sense of dignity and purpose. 

In addition to his business ventures, Agha Safdar Dahlwi is deeply committed to philanthropy and humanitarian causes. As a Director and CEO of Capt Tarana welfare trust/ Dahlwi manpower, he has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at uplifting the underprivileged and supporting vulnerable communities. From providing relief during the COVID-19 pandemic to offering assistance to underprivileged families and organizing health camps, Agha Safdar Dahlwi's humanitarian efforts have touched the lives of many, bringing hope and relief where it is needed most. 

His dedication to serving others has been recognized and celebrated, earning him prestigious awards such as the Best Philanthropist and Pakistan Icon awards. These accolades are a testament to Agha Safdar Dahlwi's unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others and his role as a beacon of hope and inspiration in the community.

Despite his professional success and accolades, Agha Safdar Dahlwi's biggest dream is to open an old age home, providing a safe and nurturing environment for senior citizens in need. His motto in life, "Support Underprivileged Families," serves as a guiding principle in all his endeavors, reminding him of the importance of compassion, empathy, and service to others. 

Agha Safdar Dahlwi's life serves as an example of the revolutionary potential of humanity and enterprise. He keeps encouraging people to aim for success and improving the lives of those in need through his commercial endeavours and charitable endeavours.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Prominent Businessman, Shabbir Ghulam Receives Man of the Year Award from We Care for Humanity

We Care for Humanity is delighted to announce, Mr. Shabbir Ghulam as one of the recipients of Men of the Year Award at the WCH Royal Summit at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on 14th of August 2024. 

Queen Maria Amor Leonor Torres Mastura, the founder of WCH and Chairperson of the summit, extended her congratulations, stating, "We are privileged to present this award to Mr. Ghulam. His dedication to humanity has undoubtedly enriched the world. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with him for the advancement of global welfare."

Ghulam Shabbir, born in Pakistan, is a dynamic entrepreneur and dedicated humanitarian committed to making a positive impact in his community and beyond. With a passion for business and a heart for serving others, Shabbir's life story demonstrates his unrelenting commitment to charity work as well as professional accomplishment. 

As the Director of Capt Tarana welfare Trust / showroom and a dealer of prestigious brands such as Ferrari, Land Cruiser, and Mercedes, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the automotive industry, known for his integrity, expertise, and commitment to excellence.

His dedication to serving others has not gone unnoticed, earning him recognition and accolades such as the Best Businessman and Helping Hand Award. These awards are a testament to Ghulam Shabbir's commitment to excellence in both his professional and philanthropic endeavors. 

Despite his achievements, Ghulam Shabbir remains grounded in his belief in the importance of supporting underprivileged families and empowering individuals with disabilities. His biggest dream is to continue working towards creating a more inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

In summary, Ghulam Shabbir's life serves as an example of the strength of empathy and enterprise. His vision for entrepreneurship and commitment to humanitarian issues motivate others to pursue success while significantly improving the lives of those in need.

King of Buruuli Kingdom Attends the WCH Royal Summit in Last Vegas in August

We Care for Humanity (WCH) has announced that His Royal Highness Constantine Mwogezi Butamanya, the King of Buruuli Kingdom in Uganda, will serve as the distinguished Guardian of Honor at the upcoming WCH Royal Summit in Las Vegas on August 14, 2024. His role will include presenting awards during the event.

Butamanya, who serves as the Chairman of the Uganda Kings and Cultural Leaders' Forum (UKCLF), conveyed his sentiments, stating, "I am delighted with the collaboration between WCH and UKCLF, showcasing Queen Maria Amor's steadfast commitment to advancing both the Kingdom and the organization. We take immense pride in having the Queen as our Global Ambassador and eagerly anticipate our participation in the Las Vegas event."


Mwogezi Constantine Butamanya, born in Nakasongola, Uganda, is the revered Isabaruuli (King) of the Buruuli kingdom. With a deep-rooted commitment to promoting and safeguarding Buruuli cultural heritage, he has dedicated his life to empowering socioeconomic development within his community.

Throughout his reign, King Mwogezi has spearheaded numerous humanitarian initiatives, including the construction of vital infrastructure such as the Kingdom Palace main house and five community safe water sources. His efforts extend beyond physical infrastructure, with extensive programs focused on health, education, and cultural preservation. 

Under his leadership, the Buruuli kingdom has undertaken initiatives to combat HIV/AIDS, gender-based violence, and teenage pregnancies while promoting literacy in the local Ruruuli language through the development of dictionaries and translations of the Holy Bible. King Mwogezi's advocacy for land rights, household incomes, and education has empowered countless individuals, particularly the youth, to strive for a better future. His commitment to unity and development has earned him recognition, including the prestigious Government of Uganda Nalubaale Award. 

Beyond his role as a cultural leader, King Mwogezi is a respected figure in Ugandan society, serving as the chairman of the Uganda Kings and Cultural Leaders' Forum. Through this platform, he advocates for the collective interests of cultural institutions across the nation, fostering unity, diversity, and collaboration for the greater good. In essence, 

King Mwogezi Constantine Butamanya stands as a symbol of resilience and wisdom, guiding his people towards a brighter and more prosperous future, while preserving the rich legacy of Buruuli heritage for generations to come.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Maria Abasi to be Honored as Woman of the Year at the WCH Royal Summit, Las Vegas this August 2024

We Care for Humanity is happy to announce, Ms. Maria Abasi as one of the recipients of Woman of the Year Award at the WCH Royal Summit at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on 14th of August 2024. 

Queen Maria Amor Leonor Torres Mastura, the founder of WCH and Chairperson of the summit, extended her congratulations, stating, "We are privileged to present this award to Ms. Abasi. Her dedication to humanity has undoubtedly enriched the world. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with her for the advancement of global welfare."

Maria Abbasi was born in Pakistan, where she grew up with a strong sense of purpose and a desire to contribute positively to her community. 

Her professional journey is a proof of her ambition and commitment, leading her to significant roles such as Vice President of Capt Tarana Welfare Trust and CEO of Aesthetic Concept Clinic. Maria's humanitarian work spans several impactful projects. Her "Mother and Child" initiative has provided essential healthcare services to mothers and infants, ensuring they receive the care needed during the crucial stages of childbirth and early development. 

Her "Safe Bikers Life" program aims to reduce accidents and improve road safety for motorcyclists, a critical issue in her community. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Maria was actively involved in WCH's relief efforts, helping countless individuals affected by the crisis. Her dedication to these causes has not gone unnoticed. 

Maria has been honored with prestigious awards such as the Women of the Year Award and the Pakistan Women Excellence Award, both of which recognize her relentless efforts and leadership in humanitarian work. Driven by her motto "I live to serve humanity," Maria's biggest dream is to extend her outreach further by working for homeless women, providing them with shelter, care, and opportunities for a better life. 

In addition to her leadership roles, Maria is the Women Director at We Care for Humanity, an organization focused on broadening access to health and education services. Her work there further showcases her commitment to lifting others and her ability to lead organizations that make a real difference.

When she's not overseeing projects or leading initiatives, Maria enjoys spending time on her hobbies related to mother and child welfare, safe biking practices, and supporting pandemic relief efforts. 

Maria Abbasi exemplifies what it means to be a leader who not only excels in her professional life but also gives back to her community in meaningful ways. She continues to inspire and lead with compassion, aiming to make the world a better place one step at a time.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Lama Tashi Norbu Receives Himalaya Peace Awards in Las Vegas Hosted by We Care for Humanity

We Care for Humanity
is happy to announce, Venerable Lama Tashi Norbu as one of the recipients of Himalaya Peace Award at the WCH Royal Summit at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on 14th of August 2024. 

Queen Maria Amor Leonor Torres Mastura, the founder of WCH and Chairperson of the summit, extended her congratulations, stating, "We are privileged to present this award to Lama Norbu. His dedication to humanity has undoubtedly enriched the world. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with him for the advancement of global welfare."

Lama Tashi Norbu, a revered spiritual leader and humanitarian, epitomizes the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, guiding individuals on an avenue of self-discovery and compassion. 

Hailing from the Himalayan region of Nepal, Lama Tashi Norbu's life demonstrates commitment to both spiritual enlightenment and service to humanity. Being raised in a household of spiritual seekers, Lama Tashi Norbu's instinctive wisdom and compassion were evident from a young age. He set out on an in-depth spiritual journey guided by renowned Tibetan gurus, exploring the rich tapestry of Buddhist teachings and meditation techniques. 

Driven by a sense of compassion for all sentient beings, Lama Tashi Norbu quietly founded the Pema Namdroling Foundation. Through this non-profit organization, he channels his compassion into action, providing essential support and resources to communities in need. From humanitarian aid to educational programs and healthcare initiatives, the foundation's reach extends far and wide, offering hope and relief to those facing adversity. 

While Lama Tashi Norbu's teachings resonate deeply with spiritual seekers around the world, his impact extends beyond the realm of spirituality. Through his gentle guidance and compassionate presence, he inspires individuals to express the values of kindness, generosity, and altruism in their daily lives. 

In addition to his philanthropic endeavors, Lama Tashi Norbu is a passionate advocate for environmental stewardship and sustainability. He recognizes the interconnectedness of all life and actively promotes practices that honor and preserve the natural world for future generations. Beyond his spiritual duties, Lama Tashi Norbu finds solace in nature, engaging in contemplative practices and nurturing meaningful connections with his students and followers. All who seek inner peace and fulfillment can find guidance from his modest presence and sincere compassion. 

Essentially, the life of Lama Tashi Norbu is a perfect example of how to combine spiritual knowledge with altruistic deeds. He continues to encourage others to develop kindness, empathy, and generosity via his teachings and charitable activities, creating a better, more compassionate society for everybody.

Former President of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic Joins the WCH Royal Summit, Las Vegas as Guardian of Honor

Maria Amor Leonor Torres Mastura, known as the Queen of Maharlika and the founder of We Care for Humanity, has officially disclosed that His Excellency Ivo Josipovic, the former president of Croatia, will serve as the esteemed Guardian of Honor, acting as one of the Presenters of Awards during the forthcoming WCH Royal Summit scheduled to take place in Las Vegas on the 14th of August 2024.

Ivo, a dedicated supporter of WCH and a board member, has expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, "I am delighted to partake in this celebratory occasion once again, reminiscing about the success of our previous gathering in Dubai, where everyone experienced profound moments. I am equally pleased to reconnect with my dear friend, Her Royal Highness Queen Mariam Amor, and collaborate on her noble endeavors to enhance our world."

Born on August 28, 1957, in Zagreb, Croatia, the former president of Croatia Ivo Josipović  has emerged as a prominent figure in Croatian politics, known for his steadfast commitment to justice, democracy, and the welfare of his fellow citizens. Beyond his political career, Josipović has quietly dedicated himself to various humanitarian causes, expressing a spirit of compassion and solidarity. Throughout his tenure as President of Croatia, Josipović prioritized initiatives aimed at addressing social inequalities and promoting inclusivity. He worked tirelessly to improve the lives of marginalized communities, advocating for policies that would uplift the most vulnerable members of society. 

Josipović's humanitarian ethos extends beyond the confines of his political office. He has been actively involved in supporting grassroots organizations and community initiatives aimed at tackling pressing social issues, often lending his voice and influence to amplify their impact. 

Josipovic currently sits as one of the Board Members of We Care for Humanity, a non-profit organization based in California, USA, which aims to inspire individuals to embrace humanitarian principles and collaborate towards positive change. 

In addition to his advocacy work, Josipović is known for his passion for music, which he views as a powerful medium for stimulating understanding and unity among people of diverse backgrounds. His artistic pursuits reflect his belief in the power of culture in promoting social cohesion and empathy.

In essence, Ivo Josipović's legacy is characterized not only by his political leadership but also by his quiet commitment to humanitarian values. His dedication to social justice and inclusivity serves as an inspiration to all who strive to build a more equitable and compassionate world.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Multi-Awarded Filmmaker and Writer, Maurice Dwayne Smith Vows Ongoing Support for We Care for Humanity

We Care for Humanity expresses its appreciation to Maurice Dwayne Smith, Man of the Year 2023,  for his continuous backing of the organization. Maurice serves as WCH Publicity Ambassador and a regular contributor to the cause.

“We are truly grateful to have Maurice by our side for an extended period. His exceptional talent and charisma greatly enhance our mission and objectives. We are equally delighted by his numerous achievements and accolades, which bring pride to WCH,” stated Queen Maria Amor, the founder of We Care for Humanity.

About Maurice Dwayne Smith:

Maurice Dwayne Smith, was born in Paris, France, the youngest of two Army brats, to Master Sergeant Ruben and Nancy Smith, while his dad was on tour and his mom worked as a teacher in an Army school. His sister Shevawn and him flourished within the French majestic lifestyle, learning to play piano like little virtuosos and his parents enjoyed the night life, which the Eiffel Tower luxuriously witnessed before them. The Army base named S.H.A.P.E , which housed thousands of Army families, was adorned with flags, had a football field and contained working quarters and apartments for its denizens--The Smiths lived idyllically, and resiliently off base, amidst Italians, British,French and many other nationalities.

Hailing from his parents Southern sharecropper, and store owner lineages', his family enjoyed a fairly racist vacant existence, as the racism gutting the South was a thorn, which hadn't the elasticity to stretch across the ocean to annihilate or terrorize them ------Maurice was ignorant to that evil!

Meanwhile a war was raging in Vietnam. Inside France its President Charles DeGaul fell out of love with America and sent its ambassadors and military back home. Settling in Charleston, South Carolina, which Maurice grew to vehemently dislike, his mom's hometown, he and Shevawn began their American upbringing. Notwithstanding his Dad's deployment to Vietnam, the advent of racism sticking its ugly head into their lives, and being separated from Dad, the family acquired new friends--but Maurice pined for his British friends the Huggins, especially Briggit----and life progressed sluggishly, riding upon the back of a Catholicism vibe from elementary through high school.

Like most little boys Maurice dreamed of playing sports, as his piano playing days died upon arrival in america, he dabbled in all facets of athleticism but the only thing that securely fastened upon him and which he was destined to pursue professionally was journalism, and he majored in it when he entered college at The University of South Carolina.

Four years of school went by, filled with hard work but unfortunately harder partying, he dropped out--NOT FLUNKED OUT--and joined the Army, which he figured would allow him to pursue his dad's footsteps.

After joining the military, he unfortunately became injured, left honorably and settled into The Big Apple and was determined to make it, die and eat the maggot in that crazy Big Apple if necessary, as he was simply not going to be enslaved to the Charlestonian "web of terror anymore"----there always seemed to be employment for everyone else there but him.

Interestingly enough, he got married, moved back to Charleston, and fathered two little girls and divorced all in the span of years upon resurfacing back in the South!

Strangely enough, he encountered problems even bigger than unemployment so he was urgently, and miraculously forced to hitchhike out of the South, landing in Los Angeles CA, where his old vibe of "eating that maggot" resurfaced. He finally felt that he had found himself a home!

Upon landing in tinseltown, he forged a relationship with the love of his life--not his ex wife--who was a liaison to many life changing jobs, such as AT&T, which payed for the completion of his Bachelors of Science Bus Admin in Management degree at The University of Redlands Redlands, CA. His infatuation with the entertainment field led him into acting where he eventually earned his Sag-Aftra card and got an online tv show in Hollywood, CA.

In conclusion, one eventful night Maurice met Maria Amor, a former Miss Philippines, who eventually became a Princess, and Queen and CEO of the nonprofit We Care for Humanity. They became friends and eventually forged a working relationship where Maurice became her media guy and now Ambassador, and Publicity Director for WCH.

Maurice receiving Man of the Year Award at the WCH Royal Summit, California in 2023.

Shahida Murteza to Receive WCH's Woman of the Year Award in Las Vegas at WCH Royal Summit

We Care for Humanity is happy to announce, Ms. Shahida Murtaza as one of the recipients of Woman of the Year Award at the WCH Royal Summit at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on 14th of August 2024. 

Queen Maria Amor Leonor Torres Mastura, the founder of WCH and Chairperson of the summit, extended her congratulations, stating, "We are privileged to present this award to Ms. Murteza. Her dedication to humanity has undoubtedly enriched the world. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with her for the advancement of global welfare."

Born in Pakistan, Shahida Murtaza is a versatile figure who seamlessly blends her artistic talents with a deep dedication to helping others. As a respected TV actress, anchor, and model, Shahida has graced screens with her captivating performances while also championing causes close to her heart.

Beyond her roles in the entertainment industry, Shahida serves as the director of Capt Tarana Privilege Club & Welfare Trust, where she channels her energy into uplifting the less fortunate. Throughout the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shahida has volunteered for We Care for Humanity's Global Santa program which supported needy families, demonstrating her unwavering compassion and commitment.

Her notable contributions have earned her esteemed awards such as the Women Inspire Award and the Pakistani Excellency Award, highlighting her impact and dedication within her homeland and beyond.

Embodying the motto, "Be Patient and Take Small Steps",  Shahida epitomizes perseverance and gradual progress, particularly in her philanthropic pursuits. Her greatest aspiration is to create lasting change for underprivileged families, ensuring they receive the support and opportunities they deserve.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Shahida finds solace and joy in acting, a passion that not only enriches her creatively but also allows her to inspire others through her portrayals of resilient characters.

Shahida Murtaza continues to serve as an inspiration, illustrating that true fulfillment comes from serving others and making meaningful contributions to the world, step by step.

Saturday, April 6, 2024

WCH Founder Appoints Derrick Mwaura from Kenya as Personal Assistant

The appointment of Derrick Mwaura from Kenya as the Personal Assistant by the WCH Founder, HRH Queen Maria Amor highlights the organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion. Derrick's unique background and experiences will bring a fresh perspective to the role, enriching the team with new ideas and insights. His appointment also serves as a testament to the Founder's vision of creating a global team that reflects a wide range of perspectives and talents. With Derrick on board, the organization is poised to benefit from his skills and expertise, contributing to its continued success and growth.

About Derrick:

Mwaura Derrick Mulwa is a young dynamic individual whose journey is characterized by resilience and growth. Raised in Nairobi- Kenya, Derrick embodies the spirit of perseverance and determination. As a recipient of the university scholarship provided by We Care for Humanity, founded by HRH Queen Mariam Amor Leonor Torres Mastura, Derrick is on a path towards academic excellence and societal impact. His story serves as a proof of hope and inspiration, demonstrating the boundless possibilities that arise when individuals are empowered to pursue their dreams. Through his dedication to academic achievement and community service, Derrick continues to uplift and inspire those around him, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for making a positive difference, Derrick now serves as the WCH organization's Publicity Ambassador and Personal Assistant to HRH Queen Mariam Amor Leonor Torres Mastura, he brings enthusiasm, dedication, and a drive for success to every endeavor.

As Derrick moves on this new chapter of his journey, supported by the vision of We Care for Humanity, he stands poised to make a lasting impact on society and shape a brighter future for generations to come.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

The Passing Of The Sultan Of Maguindanao Drew Thousands Of Sympathizers Around The World


The Passing of the Sultan of Maguindanao Drew Thousands of Sympathizers Around the World

Video Link:

The death of Sultan Salem on the 4th of January 2024, has caused a great loss in the culture and leadership of the Sultanate of Maguindanao, being the peace champion and unifier of various tribes and cultural sectors not only in Mindanao but the whole nation. 

The 25th Supreme Sultan of Maguindanao was loved and revered by so many Muslim and non- Muslim Filipinos and other nationalities. In his twelve years of reign as Sultan of Maguindanaw, being the successor of the late SULTAN ABDULAZIZ GUIWAN MASTURA KUDARAT IV, he was able to sustain the legacies of his father. Both Sultans had fought for the preservation of customary practices and traditions of their people.

Politicians, government officials, military, policemen, and even the elites and oligarchs considered him as a father figure and a friend. He blended with everyone, rich or poor, influential, or marginalized, and remained apolitical with unsullied reputation. Sultan Salem was a man of humility and dignity.  In a world full of corruption and deceit, he never abused his power and authority to enrich himself or his people.

Noteworthy, as well, one of his greatest achievements before he died was initiating a peace and cooperation agreement with different international kingdoms in Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria and among dignitaries, traditional and religious leaders from 20 countries, at the WCH Royal Summit, which was held last October 2023 in General Santos, Mindanao.

As a royal tradition, two Taazi’ah/ Kanduli were held in honor and respect for the departed Sultan. The 3rd day Tazzi’ah was held last January 8 in Cotabato city, while the 7th day was massively executed last January 14 in Lebak, the hometown of the royal clan (Mastura) in Sultan Kudarat.

Throng of mourners and sympathizers flooded both events including big personalities, royals, relatives, dignitaries, politicians, those whom the sultan have enthroned, the highlanders, his family and cabinet members. Among the principalities who came and paid their respect were:

1.             Municipality of Palembang

2.             Municipality of Kalamansig

3.             Municipality of Bagumbayan

4.             Municipality of Sultan Kudarat

5.             Municipality of Matanog

6.             Municipality of Sultan Mastura

7.             Municipality of Maitum

8.             Municipality of Kiamba

9.             Municipality of Maasin

10.          Municipality of Kabacan

11.          Municipality of Pikit

12.          Municipality of Pagalungan

13.          Municipality of Datu Odin Sinsuat

14.          Municipality of Datu Blah Sinsuat

15.          Municipality of Datu Abdullah Sangki

16.          Cotabato City

17.          General Santos City

18.          Municipality of Polomolok

19.          City of Marbel

20.          Municipality of Isulan

21.          Municipality of Parang

22.          Municipality of SKP

23.          Municipality of Lebak

24.          Municipality of Kalamansig

25.          Municipality of Labangan

26.          Officers and men of the 6th infantry Division KAMPILAN) PA AFP, Central Cotabato

Honored as Royal Man of Asia, Sultan Salem was survived by: Children: Datu Camarod Mastura and Bai Ispandjaria Mastura Sangki. Siblings: Datu Nasrullah “Datu Dido” Mastura, Crown Prince- Datu Muamar “Datu Mama” Mastura, the newly enthroned as 26th Sultan of Magindanaw – HM Zulkarnain “Datunain” Mastura, Bai Salima – “Baiping” Mastura, Bai Mompong – Queen Mariam Leonor Torres Mastura and others (undisclosed names). Grandchildren: Datu Zul Arvind Sharriege Ampatuan Mastura, Bai Shaigne Francine Ver-Quesza Ampatuan Mastura, Bai Allaine Ashley Ampatuan Mastura, Datu Reed Abdul Haffidh Mastura Sangki, Datu Izyan Hadee Mastura Sangki, Datu Fariz Al-Hakeem Mastura Sangki and Datu Zain Muiz Mastura Sangki. Nephews and Nieces: (children of Datu Muamar) Datu Datu Bhang Mastura, Datu Benzarali Mastura, Jusol Asiquin Mastura, Hajar Mastura (sons of Baitolon Mastura) Datu Kamar, Datu Karodz, Datu Suharto. Other relatives: Datu Faizal G. Karon, Raja Buayan Watamama Silongan, Datu Pendatun Mastura, Bai Putri Febraida Mastura Matalam, Raja Bai Jasma Mastura Karon, Bailaga Harjida Mastura Karon – nephews from Sultan Kudarat and Sultan Mastura,  Lebak, Kalamansig, Palambang, Maitum and all the MASTURAS CLAN.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

WCH And Sultanate Of Maguindanao Sign Treaty Of Partnership And Cooperation, Queen Mariam Assumes Foreign Minister Post At The Sultanate


WCH and Sultanate of Maguindanao Sign Treaty of Partnership and Cooperation, Queen Mariam Assumes Foreign Minister Post at the Sultanate

Video Link:

While on her humanitarian Asian tour, the Founder of We Care for HumanityMariam Amor Leonora Torres, Queen of Maharlika International and Princess of CALABARZON made a life-changing trip to General Santos, Mindanao to reunite with the 25th Legitimate Supreme Sultan of Maguindanao (Magindanaw) Mandaue, Darussalam, His Majesty Abdulaziz Salem Mastura Kudarat V and the Mastura Clan to sign a Memorandum of Understanding of Partnership and Cooperation.

The main objective of the partnership is to promote economic growth in Mindanao thereby improving the quality of life of the people, and to promote the culture of the Sultanate of Maguindanao globally.

Along with the historical MOU signing was the auspicious appointment of Queen Mariam as the Foreign Minister of the Sultanate in which all foreign dealings of the kingdom will be handled by her office.

The promising day also featured the Royal Adoption of the Princess of CALABARZON as part of the Mastura Clan. Sultan Salem Mastura, Datu Muamar Mastura and Datu Zulkairnain Mastura, all sons of the 24th Supreme Sultan of Maguindanao, the late Sultan Guiwan Mastura kudarat IV, attested the royal adoption and declared the new title of the Princess as BAI MOMPONG SA MAGINDANAW, Princess of Unity, a sanctified traditional title she inherited from the deceased member of the Sultanate. 

The Consent adoption contains “I, HM ABDULAZIZ SALEM D. MASTURA KUDARAT V, of legal age, widower, Filipino, temperate at all times and in full possession of my mental powers, the Supreme Legitimate Sultan of Magindanaw, Mandanue Darus-salam, Mindanao, Philippines have this day adopted MARIA LEONORA TORRES, Queen of Maharlika Philippines International and Princess of CALABARZON and believing that it would be for her own interest and benefit of the Sultanate of Magindanaw, my family and siblings and for our We Care for Humanity (WCH) worldwide, I hereby give my written consent freely, and voluntarily that said MARIA LEONORA TORRES be adopted as the daughter of the Sultanate of Magindanaw in accordance with our Muslim Customs and Traditions.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I affixed my signature on the 16th day of July 2023 in Cotabato City, Mindanao, Philippines.”

Amor, now called by her legal royal name, MARIA LEONORA TORRES MASTURA recited her vows to embrace Islam. Rajamudah Marvin Ingkong, Rajahmuda sa Sugoda Buayan officiated the said ceremony.

Among the Mastura Clan present at the auspicious affair apart from the Sultan were: Crown Prince-HRH Datu Muamar Mastura and his family, SKDOP President-HRH Datu Zulkarnain Mastura and family, SKYDOP President and son of the Sultan- Datu Camarod Mastura and family, Secretary General of the Sultanate- HRH Princess Spandaria Mastura Sangki and family, Royal Princess sa Magindanaw- HRH Princess Febraida Mastura Matalam, Rajah Bai sa Magindanaw-HRH Princess Jasma Mastura Karon, Bai Laga sa Magindanaw- HRH Princess Harjida Mastura Karon, Rajah Putri sa Baruin- Engr. Merriam Dimalen. A few royal guests from General Santos also attended the event.

Sunday, July 2, 2023

The 25th Supreme Sultan Of Maguindanao Addressed World Leaders And Royals At The WCH Royal Summit In Dubai

The 25th Supreme Sultan of Maguindanao Addressed World Leaders and Royals at the WCH Royal Summit in Dubai

The reigning Supreme Sultan of Maguindanao Mandanaue Darus-salam, His Majesty Abdulaziz Salem Mastura Kudarat V addressed the audience of the very successful WCH Royal Summit attended by world leaders, royals from Africa and Asia, Emirati Sheikhs, and other illustrious personalities last 18th of June at the Pullman Hotel in Dubai.

As the official Royal Kingdom partner of We Care for Humanity and Royal Maharlika, the Sultanate of Maguindanao led by His Majesty Abdulaziz Salem Mastura Kudarat V and his entourage; Her Royal Highness Princess Febraida Mastura Matalam, Her Royal Highness Princess Ispandaria Mastura Sangki, Her Royal Highness Princess Harjida Mastura Karon, Her Royal Highness Princess Jasma Mastura Karon, His Highness Engineer Shayed Panduma Mamayog- Sultan of Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines and Bae Noiraida B Bago Ampatuan played important roles as Chief Guests and participated in all the featured events of the summit.

The founder of the WCH Royal Summit, Her Royal Highness Maria Amor Torres, the Queen of Maharlika and Princes of Calabarzon of the Sultanate of Maguindanao expressed immense gratitude, “I am beyond elated by having the presence of all these important people who are catalysts and leaders of change, under one roof, holding hands with We Care for Humanity building a more philanthropic world”. She added, “and especially with the participation of the royal family, the Sultanate of Maguindanao and our beloved Supreme Sultan Salem Mastura, who, despite his condition is here right now, in unity with all of us”.

Among the notable guests of the summit were: His Excellency Professor Ivo Josipovic- 3rd President of Croatia, His Excellency Filip Vujanovic- 1st President of the Republic of Montenegro and 3rd President of Montenegro, His Royal Highness King Mwogezi Butamanya- King of Buruuli, Uganda and Chairman of the Uganda Cultural Kings’ Forum, His Royal Majesty King Nana Akomanyi Essandoh V – Ruler of Gomoa Odumase Ghana, His Excellency Sheikh Mohamed Hassan Al Mehairi- Chairman & Senior Partner at Amana Solicitors Real Estate Registration Trustee, Dubai, Her Royal Highness Souma Sisowath- One of the Princesses of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Dr. Udit Raj- Chairman, Unorganized Workers Congress, India and Dr. Chenraj Roychand- Chairman and Chancellor of Jain University.

In His Majesty’s words: 

“Bismillahi Rahmanir Raheem. First and foremost, all divine praises and glorifications are due to Allah s.w.t. for all his blessings bestowed upon us and for giving us another episode in our lives in celebrating this Dubai, United Arab Emirates summit. to the participants from African kingdoms, some European kingdoms and the Middle East participation and Asian kingdoms and our illustrious personalities all over the world my greetings of peace to each and everyone. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh (peace be upon him) and good morning! 

This WCH Royal Summit is a conglomeration of events thereby acknowledging good deeds of individuals focusing concern on humanitarian activities spearheaded by (wch) We Care For Humanity globally by our chosen Queen Maria Leonora Amor Torres at the same time the Princess of Calabarzon, Philippines. We truly appreciate the important role that religious and cultural leaders like ours, the Sultanate of Maguindanao Mandanaue Darus-Salam, Philippines plays in building an environment of peace and development worldwide for humanitarianism is one of the fundamental principles of Islam where giving and helping are forms of worship. With these humanitarian approach/concern, an inclination of passion and benevolence to serve more to the needy are becoming rapid and earnest.

We are therefore obliged to strengthen collaboration with our group to attain our goal (mission & vision). and we are here to build camaraderie and seek more opportunities in helping our brothers and sisters alleviate their suffering and save more people’s lives. That is what Islam taught us and the sole purpose of human existence.

Long live our participants in this prestigious event. Thank you very much and Allah s.w.t. bless us all, including our former political leaders who grace this occasion with their presence,” a well applauded speech by Sultan.

Sultan Salem came from the unbroken royal lineage of Sharif Kabungsuwan, the very first Sultan of Maguindanao which started in year 1515.


Thursday, February 9, 2023

The Only Legitimate Supreme Sultan Of Mindanao Honored As Royal Man Of Asia

The Only Legitimate Supreme Sultan of Mindanao Honored as Royal Man of Asia
HRH Queen Mariam Leonora Torres, HM Sultan Salem Mastura Kudarat V, HRH Princess Jasma Mastura Karon, HRH Princess Harjida Karon (left to right)
The Royal Maharlika extended its philanthropic awards to His Majesty Sultan Salem Mastura Kudarat V as ROYAL MAN OF ASIA, confirmed by the 3rd President of Croatia, H.E. Ivo Josipovich, the former President of Ecuador, H.E. Rosalia Arteaga and HRH Queen Maria Leonora Amor Torres.

The Royal Maharlika, a non-profit organization based in USA with branches in the Philippines and Europe recently held an extension of its 2nd Royal Maharlika Awards last January 14, 2023 at Apo View Hotel in Davao city during the enthronement of HRH Mariam Leonora Torres, the Queen of Maharlika International and Princess of Calabarzon.

“Our aim is to unite all the Kingdoms and Tribes of the world towards peace and developments, to advocate the rights of the indigenous groups and the cultural minorities and be the voice of freedom and sustainable green environment to the United Nations. Thus, we honor those who individuals or groups who possess greatness and excellence in the fields of philanthropy, science, arts, business and diplomacy through the Royal Maharlika Awards,” says the founder and chairman of the Royal Maharlika and We Care for Humanity.

One of the major award titles of the said award- the ROYAL MAN OF ASIA, was bestowed to the reigning 25th Sultan of Magindanao Mandanue Darussalam also hailed as the Supreme Sultan of Mindanao, His Majesty Sultan Salem Abdulaziz Guiwan Mastura Kudarat V, the 5th descendant of Sultan Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat who ruled Magindanaw from 1619 to 1671 and was declared by the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos as a national hero and the most powerful ruler of Mindanao during his time.

Sultan Salem, being a direct descendant of the Kudarat clan inherited the biggest role of his life as the head of the Sultanate of Magindanaw (Mindanao) Mandanaue Darussalam with independent sovereignty covering almost the whole Mindanao state and some parts of Luzon and Visayas regions. He is the son of the late Sultan Abdulaziz Guiwan Mastura Kudarat IV, a powerful leader in Mindanao, former Governor and twice Mayor of Lebak and Palimbang.

Salem is a highly respected Sultan, loved by so many for his dedication and advocacy in peace, preservation of culture and economic development. He graduated with degrees in Bachelor of Arts in Far Eastern University and Bachelor of Law in Notre Dame University, Mindanao and actively promoting the mission and vision of the Sultanate as well as the Sultan Kudarat Descendants Organization of the Philippines (SKDOP), Inc., a non-profit organization established to execute the humanitarian goals of the Sultanate. “Our aim is to restore peace and order, eradicate poverty and promote the culture of Mindanao”, proudly said by Sultan Salem in his acceptance speech.

The Royal Maharlika also extended its philanthropic awards, to SKDOP as ROYAL ORGANIZATION OF ASIA received by HRH Datu Zukarnaine Mastura (brother of Sultan Salem), to the Royal Ladies as ROYAL WOMEN EMPOWERMENT ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR received by HRH Princess Febraida Mastura Matalam, the Royal Princess of Magindanaw,  HRH Princess Harjida Mastura Karon (Bailaga sa Magindanaw) and HRH Princess Jasma mastura Karon (Rajabai sa Magindanaw), and lastly the  Sultan Kudarat Youth Descendants Organization (SKYDOP), Inc. as ROYAL YOUTH ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR received by Camarod Mastura (son of Sultan Salem). The awards were confirmed and signed by the 3rd President of Croatia, H.E. Ivo Josipovich and the former President of Ecuador, H.E. Rosalia Arteaga

Sultan Salem Mastura Kudarat V, is expected to propagate the realm of the Sultanate not only locally but internationally with the help of his brother, HRH Datu Muamar Mastura Kudarat, the Crown Prince of the Sultanate of Magindanaw and Tarsila Bearer of Magindanaw, His Majesty’s Cabinet members, the Royal Ladies of Magindanaw and the Queen of Maharlika International and Princess of Calabarzon, Maria Leonora Amor Torres.