Thursday, May 2, 2024

His Holiness Rigzin Dorjee Rinpoche Graces the WCH Royal Summit in Las Vegas as Guardian of Honor

We Care for Humanity (WCH) has announced that His Holiness Rigzin Dorjee Rinpoche who will serve as one of the distinguished Guardians of Honor at the upcoming WCH Royal Summit in Las Vegas on August 14, 2024. His role will include presenting awards during the event.

Rinpoche Rigzin, who serves as the Spiritual Head Lama of the Longchen Nyingtik Institute conveyed his sentiments, stating, "I am delighted to participate in this celebratory event once again, reminiscing about the success of our previous gathering in the Philippines, where cherished memories were created. I eagerly anticipate reconnecting with my esteemed friend, Her Royal Highness Queen Mariam Amor, and collaborating on her commendable initiatives aimed at enhancing our global community."

Born on June 4, 1954 in Tibet, His Holiness Rinpoche Rigzin Dorjee embodies the essence of Buddhist teachings with grace and humility. With a service-oriented heart, His Holiness Rigzin Dorjee Rinpoche has led several humanitarian projects that have had an enormous impact on people all around the world. One of his most prominent undertakings involved assisting the delivery of more than 30,000 kilograms of clothing to underprivileged people in Sikkim, India. 

Furthermore, he provides free schooling, food, and clothing as a lifeline to impoverished and orphaned children from Tibetan, Bhutanese, Indian, and Nepali families. His unrelenting empathy is demonstrated by the fact that he gives individuals in need essential vitamins and prescriptions, exemplifying the idea of love and care for all living things. 

His contributions have earned him esteemed accolades, including the title of "Vajra Master," recognizing his leadership in spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, and empowerment. He was also honored with the title "Kyenchen Dorjee Chang," denoting his mastery of the Nine Yanas, or vehicles, of Buddhist teachings. He also received knighthood from the Royal Maharlika encompassing roles such as protecting the environment, promoting positive changes, and nurturing global peace and unity.

His Holiness Rigzin Dorjee Rinpoche's life is guided by a profound motto: "Be equal, have love and compassion for all living beings." With devotion to this principle, he continues to illuminate the path of enlightenment for seekers worldwide, embodying the essence of compassion, wisdom, and altruism.

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