Thursday, September 15, 2022

The Traveling Princess Judged The Successful 6th Roma Gastronomic Festival In Sibiu Romania

The Traveling Princess Judged the Successful 6th Roma Gastronomic Festival in Sibiu Romania
Sultana Princess Maria Amor and Mr. Mihai Nedelcu

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Last stop of Sultana Maria Amor’s Balkan and Europe tour, she spent three days in Sibiu, Romania upon the invitation of CEIR founder and president, Mr. Mihai Nedelcu, who is also the paternal figure to the Roma people living in Sibui.

The jovial festivity happens every year with the mission to promote the Roma culture and food. Many members of the community gathered in their traditional clothing and celebrated the event with all-day music, dancing and array of abundant traditional food and delicacy.

Maria Amor Torres, founder of We Care for Humanity gave her opinion of her visit; “it was my first time to visit Romania and spend time with Roma people, but I received a tremendous kindness and hospitality, especially from the family of Mr. Nedelcu. I want to give them my unwavering thanks especially for inviting me to be part of this very important cultural festival”. In addition, she continues, “I congratulate all the contestants especially the winners of this cooking contest, every sumptuous entry presented is obviously done with utmost love and care, the Roma way. Everything is delicious and stunning; the Roma food is undeniably a world class cuisine!”. 

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